Alkaline Water: Does Benzema’s Great Secret Work for Losing Weight and Staying in Shape?


Having a higher pH than tap water as it ionizes is said to neutralize the acid in the bloodstream. In addition, it may help slow bone loss or prevent some serious deformities, although there are still few scientific studies that support all of these supposed benefits.

Alkaline Water: Does Benzema's Great Secret Work for Losing Weight and Staying in Shape?
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we all know that hydrate properly is one of the ‘fundamentals’ to be healthy and that, especially when it is hot or we are exercising, we should do it even before getting thirsty (By that time, it was already late). This also water is always the best option (Near isotonic drink to replenish electrolytes after intense physical activity) and that juice, soft drink (nor ‘light’) and, of course, Liquor (including beer) are never a recommended substitute.

Until now, things seemed simple (especially in cities like Madrid where, in general, you have to turn on the tap to enjoy a glass of rich, crystal-clear water) but it can get a little more complicated if We look for ‘a plus’ and we hold good the principle that tells us that Drinking alkaline water is one of the great secrets (with an impeccable diet) incomparable Karim Benzema to Enjoy the Physical Form of a Titan,

What’s the truth in all this? How much is reality and how much is marketing?

To find out, Maria Amaro—nutritionist and author of the Amaro Method—starts by reminding us that “the human body is is made up of 70% water, Which is the essential element and in it a . should be Ideal pH around 7So, “Knowing how alkaline or acidic the water we’re going to consume will help us know if it’s actually going to be beneficial.”

As its name suggests, alkaline waterWe tend to have higher alkalinity levels, as opposed to what we consume from the tap or ‘normal’ bottle, as it contains a High presence of alkaline minerals (calcium, magnesium, silicon and bicarbonate) that increase the charge of the ions, causing el water rich in oxygenwhat can you have benefits But Difference,

In this type of water Amaro continues,”pH is around 9 or 10. Is“. The higher the pH,” the higher its potential neutralize acid“. Exceeding this index can be “injurious to health”.

This nutritionist details that ideal water pH For those who want to increase their alkalinity index, this is a must have.”8,5 y 9,

If it’s less than 7, continue,” Water it will be more acidic and, above that value, more alkaline”.

what are yours benefits, “Alkaline water is a natural antacids that by his power Antioxidants, helps our cells to regenerate and prevents aging; It protects us from the action of external agents such as viruses and bacteria; clears the colon, increases production of red blood cells (due to the high oxygen content in it) and above all, hydrate faster than any other type of water.

But, you know, nothing comes for free here. “If you drink too much, in addition to hyperhydration, you will produce extra ions that can cause nausea, cramps, e.t.c. If, moreover, the pH of the water is greater than 10, it can cause Skin irritation, gastric problems and general instability of our body Because he is not used to those rates.

Alkaline water can be bought in supermarkets But we can also make it at home: “Actually, we’ve all made it at some point. enteritis To hydrate and recover lost minerals. How? just a teaspoon bicarbonate For tap water we are already raising the pH to 9. Another option would be to fill a jar with Add water, lemon juice, add salt (to replace sodium)), 1 tsp baking soda (to raise the pH) and stir.”

But, be forewarned, that ‘this cocktail’ will only be appropriate at certain times. In any case, Maria Amaro reminds us that success BenzemaObviously, there’s no lie in taking alkaline water But in your caress carefully Diet, to teach as if there was no tomorrow and take care of yourself rest“. More clear…

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