Allies and opposition keep the Pegasus case alive and agree to accuse the government of “deteriorating democracy”.


Political forces deploy their artillery to hunt down those politically responsible for the wiretapping and to condemn the fall of the executive.

Government chairman Pedro S.
The President of the Government in Congress, Pedro Sánchez and the Minister of the Presidency, Flix Bolaos.Bernardo DiazWorld
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despite the efforts of Government Parliamentary forces, both ally and opposition, are not satisfied and ready to harass them, to pour water on the Pegasus scandal Congress From all fronts to the executive, on which they allege irreparable degradation in the democratic quality of the state, after its nefarious management of espionage cases.

The former continues to demand a commission of inquiry that sheds light on all the extremes of the case; the dismissal of the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles; Declassification of judicial authorities that supported spying of 18 independence leaders and explanations of what may have happened to the other 47 that appear in the list drawn up civil laboratory,

The latter want to delve into the government’s own revelation that both the president and the defense minister have been spied on “illegally and externally”. They intend to find out the veracity of the matter about which they cast doubts and to know all the protocols that the government followed to guarantee the security of the communications of the President and the Ministers. They try to shield Robles and the director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, from responsibilities and blame the management for the mess. Pegasus CaseHead of the Presidency and Sanchez’s right-hand man, to Flix Bolaos.

These two will form a common front this week keeping espionage at the center of the debate. They are determined not to give up and prevent the matter from getting weaker. Thus they have planned the actual hammering of motion and questions to the President, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of the Presidency. An artillery move that will conclude with Bolaos’ appearance before the Constitutional Commission on Wednesday afternoon, and a full debate on Thursday to revise the national security law. Bolaos’ appearance, scheduled to address various issues, would become almost a monographic session on Pegasus as PP, CS and Vox included the matter of “alleged wiretapping of pro-independence politicians” on their agenda.

The ERC will come under fire tomorrow afternoon with a resolution focused on espionage for Generalitat President Pere Aragon, accusing the government of allowing “sewers” to work with impunity and intelligence services and justice. Against freedom”. In the interpolation that gave rise to this proposal, the democratic quality of the state was already questioned, with all causes piled up, from evictions to vulture money, amnesty and immigration through falsehood laws. Until and of course, the “suppression” of dissent and the punishment of sedition against the leaders of the process, which the independence movement considers “serious shortcomings” of a state from which they intend to overcome.

Wednesday’s control session will focus heavily on the Pegasus case. The government will have to answer seven questions. Two will be addressed to Pedro Sanchez. The PP’s spokeswoman, Kuka Gamara, will address the issue of espionage and the democratic decline the government has caused by its administration, asking the president if she considers it “important” to strengthen state institutions. Inspired by the Pegasus case, the leader of Ciudadanos, Ines Arimadas, will delve into the fall of the faction of forces that had so far supported the executive. The Orange Formation aims to highlight the government’s uncertainty when its allies no longer guarantee its stability.

The Minister of the Presidency, Flix Bolaos, will be the main target of the parliamentary groups. No one supports their management. Deputy Sergio Sayes -formerly UPN- will go directly to that point, asking him “to what extent the government is willing to submit to the enemies of Spain in order to stay in La Moncloa”. From Vox, Macarena Olona put her finger on the serious point of confrontation between socialist ministers over the responsibility of ensuring the security of the president’s telephone, and the PP deputy, Carlos Rojas, insisting on the clause that Bolaos needed to explain it. What does your ministry do to ensure that security protocols are complied with in government communications?

The Chief of Defense, Margarita Robles will also be the center of interest. ERC spokesman, Gabriel Ruffin, would urge him to comment on the degree of satisfaction of the government with respect to the actions of the intelligence services. Robles, the highest political figure in the CNI, has so far defended the director of the Intelligence Service, Paz Esteban, who has been targeted by the government by making himself a scapegoat to offer to libertarians to gain back their support. Despite everything, the ERC points higher and wants to collect the largest piece that represents the Minister of Defense himself.

The PP deputy, Jose Antonio Bermádez de Castro, will ask Robles about the criticism that is being made by the CNI and investment partners against state security. The PP, Ciudadanos and Vox have formed a bloc defending both the chief of defense and the director of the intelligence service against separatist attacks and friendly fire coming from the executive itself.

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