Allocates more police officers to the Tarjal border in internal Ceutas


Trade union organizations also claim that more and more technical training should be provided to them

Control over the Tarajal border in Ceuta on 17 May.
Control over the Tarajal border in Ceuta on 17 May.national police
  • shelf Tarajal precinct in Ceuta reopens after more than two years
  • diplomacy Government sees “beneficial balance” with Morocco a year after Ceuta crisis

This is a permanent incorporation and they come from units such as the Secret Immigration Response Brigade (BRIC) and the Border Police, as told by the Ceuta Police Chief, Javier NoguerolesAnd police sources have confirmed this medium.

This Friday morning, Ceuta National Police Headquarters presented Operation Minerva 2022 European Border and Coast Guard Agency – Frontex who leads in spain National Police Corps, Every year and coinciding with Operation Crossing the Strait (OPE), agents from member countriesThe European UnionProvide a service that strengthens control over the transit of people in the port of Ceuta between 15 June and 15 DecemberSeptember, deployment to the autonomous city28 police officers contributed by FRONTEX who will serve in the port of Ceuta during Operation Crossing the Strait 2022.

The role of European agents assigned to Operation Minerva The OPE should generally seek to “prosecute criminal manifestations of human trafficking, human trafficking and irregular immigration, as well as support the control of the regular flow of migrants”. In order to find a “balance between security and liquidity”, FRONTEX soldiers will not install a “second filter” once a national police or civil guard.

Before proceeding with a formal greeting to European agents, Ceuta’s senior chief of police, Javier Noguerols, revealed that next june 20 Reinforcement of 20 fixed agents being addedof the Border Police and the Secret Immigration Response Brigade (BRIC).

Police sources have confirmed this reinforcement in the permanent staff of the Superior Police Headquarters in Ceuta through this. There is a demand from the police unions and the civil guards’ professional unions to the Ministry of the Interior before the new opening of the land borders of Ceuta and Melilla.last 17 may, While these incorporations are currently being seen in the staff of the National Police, it is still up in the air if the interior plans to engage Civil Guard agents to strengthen the staff of the armed institution on the border of Tarazal de Ceuta.

The trade union organizations also demanded that more and more technical training should be provided to them in view of Implementation of Smart Boundaries Border crossing with Morocco.

In Melilla, various national and local police associations and professional associations of the Civil Guard formed the forum. “To the Safe Frontier for Safe Melilla”, The platform which was created to publicize the problems arising out of the new challenge in managing land borders and facing the uncertainty caused by the reopening in May.

The group criticized that they did not have the necessary means and asked that state security forces and bodies They are provided with decent means and adequate personnel To do its work both on the borders and in the two autonomous cities.

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