Almeida accuses Ms Madrid of being “a fake party” built on “false documents”: “Don’t commit crimes”


Mayor demands mixed group bring internal chats revealed by EL Mundo “before justice”

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The presence of the Mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida, requested by Vox at the plenary session of the capital’s city council on the dissolution of the mixed group, has become a statement on the internal chat revealed by EL Mundo. It shows that Ms. Madrid held a gathering and submitted false signatures to become Ms. Pass and the 2019 general elections.

,Today we know that there is a political party which is a party to make a fool of about false documents“To face the Madrileos”, confirmed the alderman, who has told Ms. Madrid’s spokeswoman, Rita Mestre. It was based on “some documents which have been recognized to be false, that there was no assembly and that the signatures were forged”.

The mayor has focused his speeches on Ms Madrid’s spokeswoman, whom she has accused of “being the most corrupt spokesperson” on the capital’s city council and managing to “impose” her municipal group. ,You have to listen to the other councilors who have left Ms Madrid in private, They are all fed up with their ways,” he remarked.

“Let me tell you three words: don’t take offense. Stick to compliance with the law,” said Almeida, who has also addressed the mixed group councillors, who sparked a chat between Ms. Madrid’s current councillor, Francisco de As Protocol done. Fernández Camacho, and former councilors from the same group, José Manuel Calvo and Marta Higueres. ,Put the Messages to Justice If You Don’t File a Complaint, You’re Covering the Crime of Documentary Falsification“, he indicated.

The mayor has commented that Councilors of Recupera Madrid have been hiding evidence against Ms Madrid “for more than a year” “if they can have a common project”. ,He has not submitted them because they could harm the common project of the Left in the city of Madrid“, he assured.

From the mixed group, councilor Luis Cueto, who held talks with Ms Madrid’s treasurer at the time of Ms Pass’s transition, has insisted that “of course” they go to court because “The violence of an irregular action must be felt by the person who commits it and not by the person who suffers it”.

Subsequently, Ms Madrid spokeswoman Rita Mestre refrained from entering into direct debate with the mayor about the controversy in her party. ,He won’t throw me in the mud of the worst politics because the best I learned from Manuela Carmena“, confirmed Mestre, who has accused Almeida of “inciting hatred” against her. I am very proud of my activist and feminist past.”

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