Almeida acquits Caromero of espionage and charges against the opposition: “If there was evidence, it would have been an end”.


The mayor accused the opposition of turning the commission into a “rumour room” and confronted leftist groups.

Almeida, on the commission's exit
Almeida, on the exit of the Commission of InquiryJavier Barabancho

And ten sessions later came the end of the Madrid City Council’s commission of inquiry on possible espionage with municipal funds for Isabel Diaz Ayusso, president of the Community of Madrid. And he has done so with the presence of the mayor, Jose Luis Martínez Almeida, and with three absences that cover most of his speech: his former press officer Joacun Vidal, former EMVS press officer David Fernández and former director general Mayor’s Coordinating Angel. Caromero.

Because this last name, whose absence was confirmed until the last second, was the protagonist of a confrontation with the three groups on the left, along with the intervention of the mayor. “Had there been evidence of his involvement, it would not have been resignation, but dismissal”The mayor has concluded about his former adviser’s departure from Siebels Palace, which he previously said was due to “a series of information” that accused him and because “their defense of himself”. It was easier to do from the outside than the inside of the city council”.

“We agreed that the Madrid City Council could not be in the spotlight,” Almeida remarked in an argument that has been repeated since his first public intervention nearly three months ago at the February 17 press conference. “Resignation is a very personal act and it is up to Mr. Caromero to take it up”have added.

Apart from the former general coordinators, Joacun Vidal and David Fernandez were also named in the questions on behalf of the municipal groups. Regarding his former press officer, relieved in September 2021, Almeida has assured that it was “a decision of general agreement because a change was necessary” and has denied that it was “due to professional demerits”., However he has also stated that his absence from attendance, since he is still a municipal employee, “without any doubt constitutes a breach of trust”.

Almeida also insists that when she learned of the rumors about the espionage, she only passed them on to two “highly trusted” people: environmental and security representatives, Borja Carabante and Inmaculada Sanz. Not like deputy mayor Begoa Vilaques. “I didn’t inform the deputy mayor or any trusted personnel or my municipal group, It was not a symptom of mistrust but a way of treating confidential information.”

However, when asked by a group of municipal citizens, he conceded that “if he had done so, nothing would have happened” and that if it were at this time, he would have valued the option.

But, above all, the presence of Almeida was a constant confrontation with the three groups on the left. First, it was with the councilor of Recupera Madrid, José Manuel Calvo, to whom he indicated that he had exhausted his “arguments” to justify the espionage thesis. “You guys are so desperate not to find anything that you intend to turn it into a rumor room.”

There was a similar skirmish with PSOE spokesperson Mar Espiner, who accused him of harassing and pointing out “many people whose honor is beyond any doubt”, There the mayor left the rest of Madrid, which he said “has been cut off from the road”, because it “has been rejected by many who have not presented at trial with the opinion already formed”.

The real confrontation, already with a certain pre-election tone on both sides, came with Ms Madrid’s spokeswoman Rita Mestre. “I am sorry that Mrs. Mestre has not lived up to this commission and has only appeared in one of the 10 sessions of this commission.” To take photos and videos. I wish he would take Madrlio seriously and have all the sessions here”, the mayor has begun.

After a tug of war between the two, Mestre makes him ugly for “the ram beating PP against Ayuso” and “carrying a huge aura of guilt”. “I know you, Mr Almeida, are uncomfortable, but you have to account for it.”, He added. To which Almeida concludes: “You already have your tweets and your videos, you don’t have to come back.”

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