Almeida raises voice against Vox’s “weakness”: from favorite mate to battle for the conservative vote


In recent months and in doubt about the Abascal candidate, the mayor confronts his investment partner.

Mayor of Madrid, Jose
Mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martínez-AlmeidaEuropa Press

The electoral mode has already begun to filter through the recess of the Palacio de Cibeles, a year after the elections were set up to elect the mayor of Madrid. And the one who currently holds the position, Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida, has found himself looking to repeat it with a second term in which this time he may have a greater margin of maneuver unlike the current one. alderman popular Despite Madrid being the second force in June 2019, Ms managed to form a government after Madrid, thanks to government agreements with citizens and investment agreements with Vox.

And it is in this second group where the weakness from Almeida’s team is revealed. Because the formation of the Radical Right has not yet decided who will be its candidate in the city for the municipal elections. All lights point to Roco Monasterio’s move from the Assembly to City Hall.According to various sources consulted, but the decision has not yet been made and it is Javier Ortega Smith who remains the head of the municipal group as spokesman.

A profile, as they understand in Sibels, in the city’s most conservative areas has an advantage when it comes to fishing for votes. Since it is an absent spokesperson, he points to the mayor’s circle because of his position as the party’s general secretary and national deputy., This is how they express it in private conversation in municipal government. But it has also reached the public domain, as in the last plenary session held on May 31, where Ortega Smith requested the mayor’s presence and everything ended in a public controversy.

He has no other strategy than to talk about Madrid Central as he has no other agenda for Madrid than his obligations as secretary general and as a national deputy for Woakes. And I feel sorry for all the Vox voters who voted for him to act as spokesperson here and be present at City Hall., Because you yourself know this is not happening, the mayor pointed directly to who was his favorite mate in the first part of the mandate.

Ortega Smith assured that he had attended all commissions and all plenary sessions during the previous three years as spokesperson. The only thing missing was that he did not fulfill his obligations as a councillor, with Mr Ortega responding to Almeida, demanding a confrontation with a formation that he knew now had the potential to steal space in Madrid. have the opportunity. In one of the most conservative districts of Salamanca, Alameda has proposed five of the 15 great mandate closure actions, where Vox could rival.

But a candidate’s absence at Woakes is not the only symptom of the weakness he found in PP. Their refusal to sit down to agree the latest budgets and the belief that this type of party, as is the case with Podemos, loses strength when they enter government. And Vox has just come to power in Castilla y León, where it has already faced many controversies, and calls for it to be done in Andalusia.

right there, in Andalusia, they figure it out popular Another chance for success for your strategy. If Juanma Moreno eventually reaches an absolute majority or manages to rule aloneAs he proposes, it will be a second blow to Woakes after Ayusso hit out at Madrid in May 2021 for being able to rule alone, without gaining a majority in the community.

Although the polls took Almeida away from the majority – the last one from Sigma Dos for EL Mundo left them at eight – they predict in the popular wing that Ciudadanos, pulled by the national dynamism, will still have another advocate in the previous year. can be scratched by Even Vox. Which would allow them to reach a figure of about 24 or 25 councillors and thus rule the city in a minority, as with no other party in the government.

Almeida herself has been expressing publicly for weeks that she has the right intentions. form a government alone and be able to rely on one or two parties that make up the center-right in the capital,

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