Almeida surrenders to Ayuso as Madrid PP president: “Isa, here’s your partner”


Almeida congratulates Ayuso at the PP Congress in Madrid
Almeida congratulates Ayuso at the PP Congress in MadridEFE

Although José Luis Martínez-Almeida’s first intention was that the PP of Madrid be chaired by a person outside the city council and community, the mayor has devoted weeks to the idea that Isabel Diaz Ayuso should lead the party. In the area as it will be from this afternoon. And his speech this Friday was another example of that.

“Jesus, here you have mate“, the mayor came to say at one point with two adjectives – Isa and mate- That she said throughout her speech at the PP Congress in Madrid insisted that an “imminent president” is the “best option” to convey the message of a future PP that she considers like no other. “Here you have an army of 85,000 members that is going to work hard for you,” said Alderman, whose relationship with the community president has soured in recent months.

Nevertheless, the mayor continued to praise the regional leader, which was the usual theme of his speech. Almeida said, “In front of what the government has proposed, there is always a man who never wrinkles, never loses his face and dedicates himself to protecting Madrid and the people of Madrid. ” global pandemic.

The mayor pointed out that Ayuso paved the way for “the beginning of the end of Sanchismo” in the last elections on May 4, 2021, “from Madrid, the capital of Spain, setting an example with our policies.” “There is hope in the face of socialism and populism can be driven out of the elections,” remarked the mayor of the capital, who accused him of “teaching lessons from the Gallapagar chalet or against those who stomp in front of Retiro”. “They Can’t Tell Us What To Do”

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