Almeida’s right-hand man announced that he had been informed that Medina and Luceo had “abandoned all forms of commission”.


The general coordinator of the mayor’s office has testified before a judge investigating the Madrid city council’s alleged fraud with sanitary materials

Luis Medina after testifying before the judge.
Luis Medina after testifying before the judge.Javier Barabancho

The main offense in the investigation on the sale of sanitary materials madrid city It’s a scam. And the core of that crime lies in the existence of a deception. A hoax which according to the investigation so far may be in the position of the accused Medina You luceo: If as usual sellers who charge commission or work custodians free and love Given the circumstances.

At this point, a part of the testimony as a witness Matilde Garcia Duarte, the general coordinator of the mayor’s office and the right-hand man of Jose Luis Martínez Almeida. According to sources present in the statement, in his appearance before the judge he explained that the person who negotiated the sale with the defendants sent him an email in which he said that both had “abandoned” the collection of the commission and that both “a” are entitled to. Medal.”

provided to the court this Friday was sent by mail elena colado, a high-ranking city council official who coordinated the purchase of medical supplies and contacts with potential vendors at the start of the pandemic. On March 24, 2020, I sent an email to various positions in Consistency, including the General Coordinator. The subject of the email expressed satisfaction with how things were going: “Sell instant media purchase material”.

Excerpt of the mail sent by the purchasing manager to the mayor's coordinator
Part of the post sent by the purchasing manager to the mayor’s coordinator.

One item in the email said: “Our suppliers Luis Medina Abascal and Alberto Luceo, (who have companies in China but are from Madrid) who should be given several medals, are taking care of most of our needs. We have been on Friday Since speaking, and he has waived all kinds of commission”.

This statement is the opposite of what actually happened. In the first of three contracts signed, referring to the masks, the city council paid $6.9 million. Most of this – about 60% – corresponds to commissions: one million dollars for Luis Medina and three for Alberto Luceo.

In his own statement as a witness, Collado himself stated that he had not discussed with Medina or Luceo about the existence or not of commission in the prices that the council was going to pay. I specified that she understood that both of her efforts were only made to help her in such a difficult health condition.

at the door of the court, lawyer for Ms. Madrid Nuria Japico—who uses the popular allegation—has indicated that the version of the city council’s two high officials does not fit, as it shows that she was under legal obligation before the judge as a witness. With Tell the Truth-, Collado liaised with the defendants in the matter of the Commission.

Inquiry has also taken into account how much the mayor came to know about this matter. “Nothing”, according to the general coordinator. Matilde García has said that she did not inform her that her cousin, Carlos Martínez Almeida, had called her to ask how to put Medina in touch with those in charge of buying medical supplies.

Sakshi told that she used to consider it a minor thing at a time when hundreds of people were killed every day. The mayor, he said, was then “on more important matters.”

The witness said that when Medina called him, he did not know that he was the son of the Duke of Feria and that he treated him like “another”. I sent her to Collado because she was in charge of shopping, while her department only handled donations.

He then did not follow up on the conversation between Collado and Luceo, although Collado occasionally sent him emails telling him how things were going. In one of them, at the beginning of the negotiations, where he was told that the two defendants had given up charging the commission.

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