Almeida’s strategy to engage Woakes in the Barrio de Salamanca: a comprehensive reform of the region


Five of the main 15 construction projects planned by the city council are concentrated in this district.

Madrid's mayor, Jose Luis Martínez, serving up a horchatas
Madrid’s mayor, Jose Luis Martínez, serving up a horchatasEFE
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In the last municipal elections of 2019, the PP won a sweeping 38% of the vote in the district of Salamanca—18 points above Mas Madrid—which has always been one of its conservative strongholds in the capital. And it is well known to the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who is already looking forward to the May 2023 elections and is focusing especially on the area of ​​the city where Vox has a strong mandate. Presence can eat up the ground.

If the alderman has assigned himself to serve as a management model for the completion of at least 15 projects for next year’s elections, the district of Salamanca is the main beneficiary. At least five of them influence directly or indirectly in this district that the popular Santiago wants to keep as his fiefdom in the face of pressure to form Abascal, who already in the previous elections to the assembly in 2021 as a second force. were in place. ,

Yesterday Alameda, with its Representative for Works and Facilities, Paloma García Romero and District President Councillor, Jose Fernández, inaugurated the first: Improve the environment of Felipe II, The city council’s action has concentrated between the streets of Alcalá and Narvaez, rearranging the EMT bus dock, widening the sidewalks and the area known as the Goya hippie market.

Almeida said during his visit, “The aim is to achieve a better public space, more pedestrian space, to reorganize the hippie market that is known by all residents of Madrid and to provide them with better conditions so that more people can come.” ” Next to the market, at the confluence of the Alcalá with the Felipe II will also be a Sculpture, Transparency (Madrid to Heaven)Five Meters, by Galician sculptor Manolo Paz.

The reform of the region, which has an investment of 2.7 million euros, will only be the first that the district of Salamanca will face this pre-election year. because the works area already has In the process of designing an action for the square in front of Wizink Center, already renovated in the time of Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, with the idea of ​​achieving an aesthetic harmony with the new Avenida de Felipe II. For this the consortium will renovate part of the sidewalk, children’s area and set up flower beds so that the space has green spaces.

Simultaneously, the municipal corporation proceeds in the works of the government.The area around Ortega y Gasset which affects the 700-metre section of this roadWhich leads from the Paseo de la Castellana to the Plaza del Marqués de Salamanca, with the intention of acquiring a new luxury boulevard in the style of Calle Serrano with the 2009 revamp. This walking itinerary will create clearly defined living spaces and a pedestrian walkway as described in the works area, the platform paved with large granite slabs.

On the north-western edge of the district, at the confluence of the Chambery and the Chamartine, the concourse also proposes. An open-air sculpture museum located under the Enrique de Gorosteza bridge, The cultural space will be developed from Calle Serrano to the Rubén Dario square, so a part of it will also affect the Salamanca district.

A similar situation is repeated in Joaquín Costa’s axis. Although the bulk of the work, which included the complete removal of the overpass as it was prone to collapse, is concentrated in the district of Chamartin, the part of Príncipe de Vergara street on which the city council is now working together with López de Hoyos. Is. and is related to Gabriel Lobo, Salamanca.

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