Almodóvar and Cronenberg fight to get the one that the Palme d’Or is there from me


Days before the finale, the Cannes Film Festival has seen a scuffle between the director of “Crash” and the director of “Parallel Mothers” Viggo Mortensen between a thug.

David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen in presentation
David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen at the ‘Crimes of the Future’ presentation in Cannes.Guillaume HorcajueloEFE

background first. The year was 1999 and everything indicated that Spain, Eternal, was finally going to get its second Palme d’Or after the one achieved by Buell in 1961.viridiana, In fact, who according to the panel of critics was going to win the statue, the general excitement and the final cover ‘Nice-mattin’‘Era’ ,all about my mother‘, by Pedro Almodóvar. Only one thing was missing: that the jury, led by David Cronenberg, surrendered to what looked like evidence. And it was not so, the Dardenne brothers were the winners with their masterpiece ‘Rosetta’ and the man from La Mancha (and the whole of Spain, which was not eternal) had to settle for the award for best director, who, let’s be honest, a- Not even armed.

Now, the most recent facts. Last Tuesday, at the press conference offered by ‘Future Crimes’, The Canadian’s last film eight years away from the noise of the cameras, the subject reappeared. always works. But to the surprise of the audience, it was not the director or a tired journalist or simple fatigue that was responsible for such a display of lack of originality. it was Viggo Mortensen, the lead actor of Cronenberg, who wore the hat of a vigilante and decided to steer clear of his mentor’s good name without any apparent provocation. I blamed the Spaniard for walking around saying that Cronenberg had taken La Palma from him and without a hitch, Accused him of spreading fake news and rumours, “like Trump”. At this point, an atomic bomb must have exploded in Wish’s offices.

Well, Almodvar, who has recently used various media to talk about his boredom and other things, again sat down in front of the computer and sent the magazine ‘IndieWire‘ Be saints and new, his version of the facts. Let it be known that the point of boredom was true.

The article published on Friday 27th May is really priceless. It is not in any of the writings of Spanish cinema’s most respected filmmaker, but it is very little. First, he made it clear that he didn’t believe “Viggo Mortensen was the best person to talk to about this”. This he said, as he made it immediately clear without bitterness: “Besides, [Mortensen] He’s a friend of mine and his words baffled me, but I think he was defending his director, David Cronenberg. A curse that has haunted him since 1999 and for which I am not guilty”, This should probably be specified, and the curse is shared, without the intention of correcting anyone.

Soon after, the director elaborated how 1999 was the night in which he was crowned Best Director. Even so, and so that no one doubts his happiness, he invites the reader to review the recording of what happened. He repeatedly insists that Palma was never disappointed to be left without. Almodóvar is rightly careful not to say anything about what happened a few years later.return, Oh yes, the camera doesn’t lie and you can read everything on the director’s face except the joy because of the award for the female cast of the film. But that is another matter. And another director: Wong Kar Wai. And one more curse. Or the same

“I’ve never criticized a list of winners. I challenge anyone to prove otherwise,” he says a little later, to underline how often he feels he’s “too much” from his award. were happy”. He yeah, doesn’t stop remembering the surprise that happened that same year too ‘A True Story’, David Lynch was completely kicked out. In other words, he doesn’t criticize the list of winners prepared by a jury headed by Cronenberg, he already lets others do the same.

But the final fireworks come, as the final fireworks always do, at the end. Ah almodvar launches himself against Mortensen like the dragon Samoug against Aragorn (and sorry for the obvious) and fires mouthful than Trump. “I refuse to be compared with one of the most heinous characters in the public sphere today. Someone here must explain who said what, because I didn’t and I feel humiliated.” Vigo added: “It’s a meaningless story and it’s down to a great artist like Pedro.” The Almodóvar which is now almost finished, only qualifies as “unpleasant”. Almodóvar begins by identifying himself as a friend of Mortensen. Well, it’s time, kids, that you know that friendship doesn’t last forever.

Along the way, Almodvar insists that it is not about comparing films but about celebrating cinema. He stresses that being one of the most respected and recognized living directors, what he would regret. So. It’s calledcrash‘, llmalo ‘The Labyrinth of Passion’, llmalo ‘History of Violence’, llmalo’pain and glory…or for that matter, call it ‘Bad education’, or better, ‘inseparable,

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