Almudena Sid does ‘La Croqueta’ to say goodbye to theatrical season

almudena sido He is on a tour of Spain with the play ‘Una Historia de Amor’. The former gymnast and actress of Alva is now ending the theater season, which will resume after the summer.

“Turning to turn, we have reached the final function Of #UnaHistoriaDeAmor until after the summer.” With this phrase and a funny video on the beach in Las Palmas that he uploaded to his Instagram account, he wanted to say goodbye to the public and also took the opportunity to do some reflection.

almudena sido He has dropped that he has turned without “a clear fixed point”, although it has been advantageous not to get dizzy with so many turns. He has also said: “Perhaps this was what allowed you to roll without resistance, so that the inertia of the fall would naturally decrease.” We don’t know if there is an indirect reference to her divorce with Christian Glavez, which was settled last March.

The former gymnast and actress concluded that she greatly enjoyed her work and that the play was “the best company I could have, human and professional.” It must be remembered that ‘Ek Prem Kahani’ has included in the cast apart from other actors, Flix Games Alternating with Silma López, Nacho López, Loreto Moulen and Aurora Garrido.

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