Amber Heard: Atheist, Vegetarian, Bisexual and Thoughtful

His father, a construction worker in Austin, Texas, broke horses in his spare time. When Amber was 12 years old, she struggled to keep up with Bucking Jack. because of the fall she became Strong Amazon Not only in horse riding, but in life.

already a teenager, high school dropouts, She obtained a correspondence studies diploma and soon revealed herself to be an educated young woman who, after losing her best friend in a car accident, hated television and declared herself an atheist at the age of 16. Gave. It was a serious emotional blow.

Suddenly, he realized that the future is a superstition, that there is not always tomorrow. Start living by the motto: ‘The only thing I have today’. Bored of conservative, God-fearing Texas, she became what she classified as “atheist, vegetarian, bisexual, and opinionated.”

She did a little modeling and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17. Until then Rainer Maria Rilke’s And he knew from this that “one should not think of victory, it is enough to survive”. He also knew the leopard and learned from him that virtue is based on delusion and where delusion is lacking, mediocrity reigns.

first job

For the first time he had small roles in television series like ‘Jack and Bobby’. In her first film job, she played the girlfriend of a football player in Peter Berg’s film ‘Friday Night Lights’. Rarely was he offered a role he didn’t It will begin and end in its inevitable sex appeal.

As spy and international assassin, Dresses in latex before kicking butt with Kevin Costner (“3 Days to Kill”). what reporter The ‘New York Times’ soldier spends much of his time having sex with James Franco (“Relics of Life”).

She got to work with some of Hollywood’s top directors, like Tom Hooper on “The Danish Girl,” Nicky Caro on “Cold Land,” and Nick Cassavetes on “Alpha Dog,” but like the career of a young Charlize Theron, its majority was solid girl accused While the action revolved around the others.

dream paper

Amber was dreaming of roles that wouldn’t improve her, and her mouth watered when she got a call from “Aquaman” producer Zack Snyder, who described her character as “a warrior queen, a crown and a sword”. with, a strong superhero”. “Independent and self-sufficient”. She was the type of woman in which he identified himself and he claimed for all women. Mara, her character, was herself: takes a woman-at-arms, Via.

Sharing a cast with Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe, the stakes were high in that film, which was valued at $200 million by Warner Bros. and turned 31 for Amber. a trampoline To get his uneven career off the ground.

And so it was. Nine years after the start of his career, the hustle and bustle of the bus was a distant memory. Now he was driving the car of his dreams, a ’68 Mustang that he had repaired. He was also dating Johnny Depp, A famous person even before his birth.


For better or worse, much of the attraction surrounding Amber Heard stems from her romance. Since 2008, he had an affair with the celebrity photographer tasya van ree And when that passion faded, he met Depp on the set of Diary of a Seducer. They went to live together.

Amber Heard in one session

Amber Heard at a session of the trial against Johnny Depp.Gtres

They married in 2015 at their home in Los Angeles and later celebrated on their private island in the Bahamas. Suppose someone still believes in fairy tales, He seemed one of the most magical. It was not. Groucho Marx has already said that the main cause of divorce is marriage.

serious allegations

After 15 months of marriage, things turned ugly and Amber filed for divorce Physical and verbal abuse. She said, among other bad, very bad things, that Depp threw a mobile phone at her head and cut it under her eye (Depp denied everything). Although the couple signed confidentiality agreements, they didn’t stop grooving to each other in the media.

couple when

The couple when they were still together, at the 2016 Palm Springs Festival.Gtres

What was presented as a classic Hollywood-style divorce lawsuit, with a settlement amounting to more than $6 million, ended in a four-year headache with allegations of physical and psychological violence by both parties due to the pandemic. , Both presented evidence that left them in a very bad place Offensive and false. Both were sued for defamation. Both were patted on the shoulder by their friends and spat on by their enemies. The two turned their divorce into an animal circus.

devotion to science

After arranging with Depp, Amber walks out Elon Musk. It was the mega-millionaire who struck him in 2012, when he was with Depp on the set of Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete Kills’. Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and similar magnates often asked Rodriguez to act as a messenger: “Can you tell him I’d like to eat with him in Los Angeles? I’m not looking for a date.” . I know she has a stable relationship, but she seems like a person. Interesting and I want to meet her”.

They have, according to both, “A Nice Story” And have a beautiful friendship. They share, as Amber confesses, “intellectual curiosity, thought, conversation, and a devotion to science.”

A few years ago, Amber found love again with his girlfriend Bianca Butti, a Los Angeles-based cinematographer. Last year they welcomed their daughter. Onagh Paige Heard, Via Surrogate motherhood.

your current interests

The actress who felt empowered in ‘Aquaman’ is determined to recreate the story she is being told about herself. social media activist, She seems eager to connect with the problems of the world. Like the pay gap, for example: “As women, we get paid less and spend more time on set because of hair and makeup sessions. We’re operating on an inherently flawed system.”

An Amazon since she was a child, it hasn’t been hard for her to get on a horse like Don Quixote to help the weak, because, she says, “the worse thing than failing is to stop trying to win.” Along with Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad, she is the first American actress to be appointed by the United Nations. Human Rights Champion.

She is also an ambassador for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a role she associates with Global Ambassador for L’Oral. Nowhere is it written that olive branch is incompatible with gold and Chico Marx has already said that “mustard without roasting is not as good”.

book collector

Every time he travels to New York he runs into Bauman Rare Books, an Upper East Side bookstore that keeps its front door closed because it sells more of the first edition. amber is one ‘Knowledgeable’ of Rarus Ediciones Principe, that he gathers, especially from his leading philosopher Ayn Rand, the Russian-American who defended rational egoism and individualism with a hammer.

amber heard es the most beautiful woman in the world According to a scientific algorithm, and although he dropped out at age 17, he can recite classics like a scholar, speaks fluent Spanish, and has a head of his home in Los Angeles as well. Is.

Men’s Sana in Corpor Sana because, as the superhero of ‘Aquaman’, she knows there are ascetics in the superhero realm: lifting weights, martial arts training, Tired day on set.

Now that her lengthy divorce proceedings from Depp are over, sure win Thank you for a persistence unattainable to despair. It’s not certain, but she has found solace in this praise from “Monty Python” actor and director Terry Gilliam when he saw her cry at the trial: “I’m finding that Amber is a better actress than I thought, ” They said. wrote on Twitter.

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