Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial verdict, more petrol hoaxes for false allegations

defamation suit between six weeks Amber Heard and Johnny Depp It has invaded like a steamroller today. Let’s remember: The actor denounced his ex-wife for accusing him of abuse and losing her professional contract with Disney, and he did the same through his lawyer for defaming her in a newspaper article.

The legal story is replete with dirty laundry and alleged mutual accusations, including an alleged . also includes sexual assault From Johnny Depp to Amber, American public opinion has been kept on edge until tomorrow, the day of the ruling.

The verdict, favorable to the actor, determines that he must pay his ex-wife. two million dollars to discredit her, but she is the one who has taken the ‘stick’: the jury concludes that Amber Heard’s statements are false And his goal was to harm his former partner. For this, he is sentenced to pay for the damages 15 million dollars.

What could be the consequences of the verdict on other women?

ana villarubia is a health psychologist and, although she specifies that the test is far from Spanish reality, she recognizes the unnerving power against potential future complaints from other women: “A man in a state of abuse might think that if Amber Heard, With his power and resources to hire good defence, Couldn’t Prove “Your Truth”How is she going to achieve this, maybe she has a court-appointed lawyer?”, he reflects.

Another consequence, she explains, is the fear of so much media exposure: “Tests are not broadcast here, as in the US, but we can see cases being followed in the media. A woman herself She is scared to find him in the same situation as the one who has been Amber. This picture of her is very shocking,

Carmen Benito She is the president of the Women United Against Abuse (MUM) Association, an organization that provides multidisciplinary support to women affected by gender-based violence. He admits that this highly publicized case damages social awareness of the concrete existence of this violence, but isolates: “Those who deny it are grabbing straws, But it shouldn’t impress the judges Nor imagine another burden for women”, he clarifies.

“Of course there are female attackers to whom the law is enforced and punished. The difference is that they, being men, do not misbehave with a man. In the case of gender violenceOn the other hand, the abuse against women is directed only to the fact of it happening”, he concluded.

angry reactions to the verdict

The decision has been controversial and the reactions are very controversial. Twitter is aware of this and in this case, the gas that burns Tinder is under the shadow of false allegations, illegalization That certain areas create the concept of gender violence and the persecution and subversion of Amber Heard and will be subject to:

false accusations, anecdotes

in 2020 they got in the way 150,785 complaints of gender-based violence in SpainAccording to data from the state attorney general’s office’s annual report presented last September. Also according to this report, none of them turned out to be false, While no one was convicted of committing this crime, prison sentences ranging from six months to two years were given.

The data speaks for itself: over the past decade, a half million complaints of gender-based violence have been filed in Spain. false allegations They do not exceed 0.007% of the total.

miguel lorente He is a forensic doctor and professor of legal medicine at the University of Granada and, in addition, he was the Government Representative for Gender Violence from 2008 to 2011. “There are many false complaints that try to generalize the idea that a result Lack of participation and commitment of those who believe in it“, Understand.

In her opinion, this benefits those who want to uphold the privileges of men over women and get them to “become”. adjust their beliefs“This lawsuit will be misused in subsequent complaints because there are interests in making the exception the rule,” he affirms. Instead, he continues, when someone who misbehaves they apply this rule of thumb. don’t and they run to counterattack with it #NotAllMen,

Llorente believes that a Warning to sailors extremely dangerousEspecially when there are many such cases, because they are generalized, not reported. “Let us not forget that 80% of the women murdered have never filed a complaint.” “The message that can be left with cases like this is ‘be careful if you report because it could be against you,'” in reference to a defamation lawsuit such as the actor Johnny Depp intervened against Amber Heard.

the difficulty of proving violence

“But is he There are facts that cannot be proved, because they take place in the intimacy of the home. In fact, most gender-based violence results in minor injuries and psychological damage through intimidation, humiliation and coercion. No stab required,” says the forensic doctor.

He says the hurdle is that the investigation is not always deep and it is too complex to demonstrate that psychological damage stems from abuse. Sometimes, the manners of “Toxic Relationship” And the matter has been put on hold, but “such a concept does not exist scientifically.” “It needs to be determined whether the complaint contained violence.” “The state attorney general’s office has itself confirmed that the facts that have not been proved do not mean that they have not happened,” he said.

In this sense, psychologist Ana Villarubia agrees on the difficulty of displaying psychological wounds as opposed to injury, although it is not necessary that they also infer aggression: “The psychological consequences of abuse can be demonstrated, We have more and more precise instruments, but although they have greater weight in expert reports, they have not been given the same truth in the cause-effect relationship”.

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