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For consumer electronics makers, and for Apple in particular, the battle to keep proprietary ports alive on devices seems to have been lost. As for new European regulation, which would require that devices be charged via a USB-C connection, similar legislation in the US could soon be added.

a group of Democrat Senator, including presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sandershas asked the US Commerce Department to enact a similar law. “The European Union has acted in the general interest of the public. The United States must do the same,” the senators explained in their petition.

The spirit of the proposal is similar to the one that directed the new law in the old continent, which should come into force in the fall of 2024. As of that date, all consumer electronics manufacturers must give up any particular proprietary port for charging or data transfer and offer USB-C as standard.

There are some exceptions for larger devices such as laptops. Manufacturers may also keep other port types as long as they include USB-C.

According to the European Union, the rationale for this law is that the multiplicity of ports and standards contributes to the production in excess. electronic wasteBecause it requires the use of specific cables or adapters.

Apple The main company affected by the change is because its iPhone phones and some of its iPads and accessories use a single connection. lightning To charge and transfer data to and from the device. The company has tried to circumvent European law arguing that standardization on a single port hurts innovation, as consumer electronics manufacturers would have no incentive to build ports with better charging technology or more advanced capabilities.

But with the law already approved, the company is expected to change the ports of its devices or bet on an iPhone without a port that is charged exclusively via wireless charging. Although in theory Apple could continue selling iPhones with Lightning connections in the US, Asia and other regions, it is not practical to make different versions of the phone. The 2022 iPhones are likely to have a Lightning port, but Apple is expected to remove them in future versions and eliminate this port in all iPad tablets this year.

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