AMLO in Cuba: “Continue to push for US to lift blockade”


President of Mexico visits Havana to strengthen bilateral ties and support Cuba’s revolution against ‘coup’s

Cuban President Miguel Du
Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel and his Mexican counterpart, Anders Manuel López Obrador, in Havana.damsel poolEFE
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President of Mexico, Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), has made a historic state visit to Havana To reaffirm its strategic alliance with the Castro regime. his counterpart, Miguel Daz Canel, In exchange for the firm support of the Mexican leader, he ordered Jose Mart, The highest Cuban honor that a foreigner can receive. The visit lasted less than 24 hours, but both delegations have been allowed Signing of several bilateral agreements Sending a common message in matters of migration, trade and culture, as well as betting on Latin American integration and rejecting the interventionist attitude of America.

“We should build something like The European Union, But our history, reality and identity are intertwined. elimination of that feeling Organization of American States (OAS) Truly by the autonomous body and lacking none. Although it may sound like a dream, we must try, strive to achieve integration with respect to sovereignty and forms of government”, AMLO assured in his speech. With a smiling Miguel Diaz Canale, Mexican The president received the treatment of “generous, supportive and exemplary people of Cuba” and maintained that “to move forward”. Seek America to lift the blockade”.

AMLO is shown Openly criticizing the US veto wants to impose on many countries of the region, such as Cuba, Nicaragua or Venezuela, to prevent its representatives from attending America’s summit to be held in angel Next June: “Urge the President Biden In this case (…) so that the officials of each country decide independently whether to attend the meeting, but no one excludes anyone.” The Mexican leader has also emphasized that “I Never bet, I will not bet or bet on the failure of the Cuban Revolution, your idea of ​​justice and your lessons of freedom and dignity, never part with the coup plotters who plot against those ideals”.

The Mexican leader made no mention of the wave of arrests against opponents unleashed by the Castro regime after historic demonstrations last July, but sent a message betting on the renewal of the Castro project: “I would have liked to continue to maintain it.” Am Hope the revolution will be reborn in the revolution, May he be able to renew himself to follow the example of martyrs fighting for freedom and justice. I believe and believe that things are being done for that purpose, this is Cuba’s second great lesson to the world, that this people will demonstrate once again that reason is more powerful than force”.

tour around central america

With its trip to Havana, AMLO has closed Four-Day Tour of Central America and the Caribbean This has allowed him to present his migration plan for the region: “that the migration be optional and not forced,” he insisted. Given very little to leave his country—he has only done so three times since becoming president, all of them in the United States—the Mexican leader has launched several commercial flights to visit Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Belize.

In addition to strengthening ties with his counterparts, López Obrador has stressed the need to strengthen border controls in the imminent situation. Repeal of controversial Article 42 in America, a law promoted by Donald Trump This could lead to a new reason for asylum applications to be denied during the pandemic and when it no longer applies migration crisis In area

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