An elderly man has been killed and a woman hospitalized in critical condition after a fire broke out in his home in Seville.


Emergency services find charred body of 79-year-old man in home

Fire in Enrique Mensac Street in Seville.
Fire in Enrique Mensac Street in Seville.emergency seville
  • Seville An elderly woman seriously injured in a fire, four policemen affected
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Seville Local Police It is reported this Thursday that a 79-year-old man has died and his 78-year-old wife has been shifted to hospital in a critical condition. fire is located in your home Enrique Mensac Street from the capital.

as you detailed emergency seville On his social network, where he has indicated that the incident occurred at 9:00 p.m. when emergency services were alerted because a house on the second floor of a three-story block in the aforementioned Calle del was on fire. Triana District.

agent of Local Police, Firefighters, Health Emergencies, National Police and UMIES. Soldiers received a “very developed” fire, with flames projecting to the front and toward the block’s ladder.

According to the first information received by the police, there were two elderly trapped inside. The fire brigade found a 78-year-old woman unconscious and in cardiorespiratory arrest in the living room of the house. There was burning sensation in many parts of his body.

For this reason, a rescue team has taken him out and taken him abroad. CPR Maneuvers on Landing Home’s 061 team will be sent to a hospital in the capital in critical condition.

They were located inside the room where the fire started Burnt corpse of 79 year old Varna. No other people were affected. The Upper House was affected by smoke and the National Police has already taken over the investigation of the incident.

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