An English teacher sentenced to 138 years in prison for recording naked minors at home and in the classroom


Once released, you must participate in sex education programs

provincial court front
provincial court frontSergio Gonzalez
  • Arrangement Police arrested teacher accused of misbehaving with 36 children in a school

Madrid’s provincial court has sentenced a British English teacher with a criminal record in his country to 138 years and three months in prison. Fake your documents to work as a teacher in Spain And thus be able to record images of naked minors, material they distributed in pedophile forums.

In sentencing, the magistrate condemned Ben Dr. to eight offenses of making child pornography, an offense against moral integrity, 32 Crimes of Secret Discovery and Disclosure and a continuing crime of forgery of official document.

Similarly, he is sentenced to pay compensation in the amount between six thousand and three thousand euros to the parents of minor victims of his crimes.

English First sentenced in England For the offense of child pornography, as stated in the resolution.

at the end of the sentence, Judges measure independence supervised for eight yearsThe time during which she must also participate in sex education programs.


The judges have held that the defendants, from mid-2016 to 2018, took advantage of the fact that he worked as a caregiver and English teacher Minors from two families, one in Zaragoza and the other in Madrid, to satisfy their sexual desires with him.

According to the punishment, he took the girls and his friends out of the house from these nude photos. He also distributed photographs and recordings of his acts among third parties, Including snapshots of children approaching their sex organs.

After living with these two families, the convicted man was hired as a teacher at a school in Madrid until 2019, where he also took advantage of the fact that he was alone in the classroom with underage students, he recorded video and I took pictures of minors focusing on panties And, on other occasions, placing the camera over the skirt. In no case has it been proved that the guilty person sexually abused the minors.

The magistrate has concluded that “from the results of the video and recordings, in the three areas where they were made (two houses and the school) it can be inferred without difficulty that Ben Dr., Electronic components were used for both La Grabasin and Las Fotos.such as for storage.

This is also evident from the images captured in the three regions indicated. The videos were created with two assumptions: on the one hand, in all cases to distract and inadvertently capture minors from the use of electronic devices, and on the other hand, Taking advantage of the status as a caregiver and teacher to minorswhich facilitated the execution of the capture”.

It has also been established that with the intention of disregarding the truth, the guilty person produced false documents to be able to work as a native English teacher in the school.

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