An illegal slaughterhouse of ducks, pigs and donkeys is closed in El Molar that supplies Chinese stores and restaurants


650 animals were kept on the farm and their sacrifices were judged due to lack of traceability and positive identification of Salmonella

Illegal slaughterhouses supplying ducks, pigs and donkeys in El Molar closed

Agents of the Civil Guard’s Ceprona have closed down an illegal slaughterhouse located in a plot of El Molar (Madrid), which did not have the relevant sanitary controls and was Chinese restaurants and grocery stores sell meat from ducks, goats, pigs and donkeys From Madrid and from different parts of the country. Agents have inspected premises in eight provinces where meat products were also delivered by courier.

According to the Madrid Civil Guard Command, the activity, completely covert, was located in the zone of influence of the first outbreak of avian flu detected last February in Madrid.

Agent A total of 650 animals on the farm – chickens, ducks, goats, pigs and donkeys – And he decided to sacrifice himself after he detected a positive in enteric salmonella.

Six people, five men and one woman, all of Asian descent and attributed to the slaughterhouse, were arrested because of the filthy conditions in which the facilities and animals were found. besides the slaughterhouse they had A butcher shop in El Molar where he sold goods to customers in the area.

They are also held responsible for the crime of abuse because they lack animal welfare measures and surprising methods at slaughter to avoid unnecessary suffering established by law.

The group had points of sale in Aranjuez, Villaviciosa de Odón and Fuenlabrada, Eucera (Madrid), Lebriza (Seville), Lucena (Cradoba), Fuente del Fresno (Ciudad Real), Manis and Alfafar (Valencia), Lugones (Asturias) . Liencress (Cantabria) and Basouri (Vizcaya).

The operation originated under the supervision of Saprona in the fight against food fraud, reinforced After the first case of bird flu was reported in the Community of Madrid in February.

Unhygienic facilities and sick animals

As part of these operations, a plot was located where animals were sacrificed and their remains were burnt. The agents found that the people responsible for the slaughterhouse They carried the meat of slaughtered animals in vans or passenger cars without cold chain.

On some occasions, goods were moved to a polygon located in Fuenlabrada, from where Was delivered in a restaurant run by Asian nationals, In others, an establishment placed the meat in its refrigerator and later delivered it through a courier service.

Transportation was done without any sort of sanitary control, therefore, after conducting all administrative investigations, Ceprona proceeded to register the abattoir with the judicial authority and with the cooperation of inspectors from the General Directorate of Agriculture, Livestock and Food. Gave. of Madrid with the support of the Deputy Directorate General for Food Safety and Environmental Health. in operation 350 kg of meat ready for distribution to the public was confiscated.

In addition to the six prisoners, 12 people have been investigated for fraud against market and consumers and against public health.

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