Andaluces Levantaos party challenges Olona’s candidacy for fraudulent registration

  • 19J Salobria City Council has defended that the registration of Macarena Olona in the home of the Grenadan leader of Vox is legal.

The Andalusian Levantos coalition formally filed an appeal this Wednesday against the candidacy of the deputy of Vox Macarena Olona for the autonomous elections in the province of Granada. June 19Certainly “violation of the neighborhood requirement” in Andaluca and “fictitious registration” in the city of Granada salty,

This is indicated by ‘Andalusia Levantos’ in a statement which states that the resource has been prepared “under the provisions of Article 24.2”. Law of 2 January 1/1986, Election of Andalusia“, and” appreciating the “irregularities” in the Vox candidacy above, which this coalition requests with its complaint “to be canceled for its compliance with the neighborhood requirement and bogus registration in this autonomous community.”

Candidate of ‘Andaluces Rivantaos’ for the board, Modesto Gonzalezhas explained before the door of the Electoral Board of Grenada, where the appeal is filed, on the basis of the document that has been prepared by the legal team of the formation, and indicated that “it is clear in the complaint” that also the chairman of the board Vox’s candidate for the post, Macarena Olona, ​​”has never been a resident of Andalusia, a mandatory issue for participation in elections, as indicated by Law 1/91986 of January 2, 1986, which governs elections. does. Processes of Andalusia”.

The resource promoted by ‘Andalus Levantos’ says that registration in the electoral census is “a necessary procedure but therefore not sufficient”, so that “the fact of being registered should initially make us believe that we are dealing with a resident of the municipality”. in question, but what is required is not compliance with the formality, but the physical reality of being in that person’s habitual abode”.

Modesto González commented on this, “Registering in the census, but not actually being a neighbor, would lead us to a fantasy and a fraud of the law.”

In the course of the appeal which is made known this Wednesday, Article 15 of the Law of the Basis of Local Government is also mentioned, where it has been determined, since they are extended from the ‘Andalusian Levantos’, that “whoever Also lives in multiple municipalities must register only in the one that lasts the longest per year”.

The ‘Andalusese Rivantaos’ in its letter also references other proposals and public technical directives that “reinforce the sole idea that census registration, to be standard, should be carried out in the habitual residence of the person in question.”

At the same time, from this Andalusian alliance they recognize that “it is clearly recognized that, when there are indications that cast doubt on any of the data declared by the citizen, the necessary formalities shall be ordered to verify the correctness of . data”.

For all these reasons, “and which has recently been made public by practically all media, Mrs Olona may have fulfilled the formal requirement of requesting registration in the Census of Salobria (Grenada) by not complying with the material requirement. habitually residing in the said municipality”.

As he explains from ‘Andalusian Levantos’, “This data is not provided by just anyone, but by the one who gave him half of his house – the upper part of a house, as He himself has assured – in the province of the political party to which the former President Mrs. Olona belongs –Manuel Martin–, saying that he would be lying if he said Mrs Olona comes home regularly”.

Modesto Gonzalez reports that the complaint filed includes a list of press clippings reflecting public statements made in this regard.

“According to the owner of the property, Mrs Olona does not use the house as usual, so the registration does not respond to reality and will be done in fraud of the law,” says the candidate for ‘Andalusés Levantos’.

The complaint also invites the Election Board, “in the event that it requires any clarification, to request an immediate report from Municipality of Salobria,

“I’m registered in Granada, and?”

Olona has cited the controversy this Wednesday. The Vox deputy has reacted with sarcasm to criticism of her registration in Grenada to be able to run in the election on 19 June; Notwithstanding the fact that the Minister of the Presidency, Flix Bolaoshas insisted that his candidacy “breaks the law.”

Olona himself has addressed the controversy at a Congressional plenary session during the government’s control session, where he focused a question on Bolaos on the upcoming Andalusian elections and blamed the PSOE’s “fear” of trying to “silence” him. Will try. Campaigning by vetoing it in election debates and criticizing its registration.

“I’m registered in Granada, and?”, she said with a laugh, adding that her action is “absolutely legal” and the controversy “borders on the absurd.” “The dispute would have been about presenting the candidature” out of time“, he continues, ironically referring to Podemos in this case, who did not arrive in time to join the leftist coalition ‘Por Andaluca’.

Olona herself sees Bolaos as behind the controversy, whom she calls the “parsley” minister “in all sauce” and “in all fuss” to be present. And if he accuses her of fraud of law, he has encouraged her to settle it in the courts of justice.

In any case, he has warned that Vox’s strength lies not in that as a candidate, but in his project for Spain, and has warned the rest of the legislature in Congress about the possibility of Bolaos continuing as a ‘shadow’. I joked. “Every Wednesday until the end of the Legislature, I will devote all my attention to it, imagining it,” he has summoned.

“false prophet”

For his part, the Bolaos despise this “performance”. “Let’s move from theater to reality,” he asked, calling Olona a “parachutist” candidate and insisting that “he breaks the law” and “brag about it.” “It is presented in a land where it has never been and probably never will be,” he dismissed.

At this point, he compared some of the measures adopted by the government in recent years with those which, in his opinion, would adopt an executive minimum significant income of “rights and extreme authority”, citing the example of pensions. The cost of aid or electricity to the carriers.

And it ends with a quote from the Bible: “You will know them by their works; beware of false prophets, who come in sheep’s clothing, but within are ravening wolves.”

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