Andalusian Carlos Rojas, Feiju’s new ‘number two’ in Congress


The president of the PP attaches even greater importance to Andalusia in the relevant positions of the party

PP President, Alberto Nez Feizu.
PP President, Alberto Nez Feizu.salvador sasiEFE
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Alberto Nez Feizu has begun promoting the organic architecture of the new PP. In that operation, one of the most important names that remains to be determined is who will be Kuka Gamra’s number two in the Congress of Deputies. And the chosen one is Carlos Rojas. Another Andalusian who is on the list of appointments as the new leader of the PP, who has insisted on consolidating his “teaching” with Juanma Moreno in the middle of the Andalusian pre-campaign.

Grenada’s deputy Rojas will be the new Secretary General of the Popular Parliamentary Group, replacing Guillermo Mariscal. His position will become even more important now, as a rush of changes to the PP Power leadership has forced Feizu to go to the Senate for regional appointment to the leader without a seat and seeks to consolidate his position in the lower house. needed. In addition, Gamra is also the general secretary of the party and needs a parliamentary party.

“The position of general secretary of the group is now important as it is to act as number two for the person who is number two for Feizu in the party,” PP sources indicated.

Born in Motril in 1970 and a lawyer by profession, Rojas was already the PP’s spokesman in the Andalusian parliament, having been mayor of his municipality, for more than three years.

Feizu will move to the Senate this week, where he retains Javier Marotto as spokesman. The idea of ​​the new president of the PP, a senator elected by regional appointment, is to face Pedro Sánchez in the upper house as much as possible, while trying to show the “duality between presidents”.

The national executive committee will appoint new region secretaries this Monday and endorse European parliamentary spokesmen Gamra, Marotto and Dolors Montserrat in their positions.

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