Andalusian Debate: Thirteen Pearls of the First Andalusian Electoral Debate: Balls, Shrimp and ‘Frankenstein’ vs ‘The Exorcist’


The six candidates for the presidency of the board have grappled with more or less accurate expressions of gender violence or immigration, but all are striking.

Vox, PP and PSOE candidates, Macarena Olona, ​​Juanma Moreno and Juan Espadas, just moments before starting the debate on TVE,
Vox, PP and PSOE candidates, Macarena Olona, ​​Juanma Moreno and Juan Espadas, just moments before starting the debate on TVE,EFE
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primary debate The Andalusian election campaign is not exempt from fireworks, trickery and even cynicism. Despite the rigidity imposed by the model agreed upon by political parties, one hundred and ten minutes of dialectical exchange goes a long way. These are some of the pearls of those who wish to occupy the palace of San Telmo and rule Andalusia for the next four years.

  1. ‘Ball’ returns, The candidate for Por Andalucá has blamed Juanma Moreno for managing the crisis because he has said that “modernity” is “providing wealth to the citizens” and, instead, he has promoted “brick, ball”.
  2. “Fashionable man”. The PP candidate was quick to point out that he was the target of all criticism and presented himself as a “man in fashion”, to which Juan Espadas, the head of the PSOE list, replied: “Mr. Moreno, don’t play the victim.” “
  3. Taxes for “prawns” and “Allegra”. The tax cuts PP has promoted have provoked a coincidental reaction from Vox and Adelante Andaluca. Macarena Olona for Vox has said that her party wants the taxes to go to “Allegra”, and Teresa Rodriguez has accused Moreno of “fiscal conventions” to finance private schools that would have been spent “on the shrimp”. .
  4. “Gang of Wolperfe”. The Vox candidate drove the Swords insane by justifying his recruitment by explaining to his wife, an activist at the defunct Faf Foundation, and a parliamentary appearance in which he was to document, among his tasks, WordPerfect. The swords could not stop themselves. “Okay, I’ll ask for the respect,” she replied.
  5. “Death of the Curve”. Por Andaluca’s candidate, Inmaculada Nieto, added a humorous note comparing those benefiting from the financial reforms of the PP and CS governments to the “death of the curve” ghost of an accident victim that everyone says is their Has seen but it never existed.
  6. Decentralization and logic. Regarding the debate over the decentralization of state institutions, Teresa Rodriguez, candidate of Adelante Andaluca, has pointed out that it is “extremely logical that the Naval Museum is in Madrid”.
  7. St. Denis in Almera. The head of the Vox list has compared the immigration situation in Andalusia with that of the Metropolitan Belt of Paris, bringing up the events of the recent Champions League final. “The only difference between El Puche [un barrio de la capital almeriense]El Ejido and St. Denis is that the Champions League has not been held here”.
  8. Olona, ​​”Andalusian woman” and humility. Olona and Rodriguez have starred in more than one scuffle, among other issues regarding the status of women in Andalusia. The Adelante Andaluca candidate took a dig at the Vox candidate saying “It’s hard for you to know how a woman feels in Andalusia, you’ve walked the streets of Andalusia a little bit, you should be more polite.”
  9. Vox, The “Armed Hand” of Gender Violence. The abuse is one of the points in which Rodriguez and Olona clash head-on. The head of the Adelante Andaluca list has described Vox as “the political arm of sexist terrorism, the party of abusers”. Olona did not hesitate to answer: “Your insults are gallons on my chest, Mrs. Rodriguez.”
  10. “Papers” of Juanma Moreno. Swords jumped when the current board chairman congratulated himself for what he had done in his three-and-a-half year government. The Samajwadi candidate has issued PP, “When you have lost the paper, to say that in three-and-a-half years you have done more than ten years.”
  11. An “autograph” of the President. Moreno’s winning wind has provoked a reaction from the Por Andaluca candidate. “I see you standing on the flag,” Nieto said to the PP-A leader, “if you want, when we’re finished, let us all sign it with an autograph.”
  12. color bench. Por Andaluca and Vox candidates have also joined a fight over Olona’s promise to end “ideological beach bars that limit themselves to painting benches in colour”. Nieto has said: “After such an important offer…”.
  13. ‘Frankenstein’ or ‘The Exorcist’. Cinema has also got a place in the first debate of the election campaign. Moreno has attacked the PSOE’s “Frankenstein government” with United We Can and has been warned by independents in Madrid and Espadas that “let’s see if they’re going to choose you.” the Exorcist Nieto as a film has participated in the Sinfilo debate, arguing that Frankenstein is “not blasphemous.”

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