Andalusian debate: Torrijas debate satisfies only those most punished by elections: Juan Marn and Teresa Rodriguez


The Ciudadanos candidate uses irony and talks of ‘torizzazzo’ to present himself as the only alternative to Vox.

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A few hours after the Canal Sur debate, Juan Marn toasts breakfast with his team.Twitter
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A derogatory remark by Macarena Olona against Juan Marn, ridiculing the video that the candidate of Ciudadanos recorded making torrija at home during the difficult weeks of imprisonment, gave rise to one of the most refreshing moments in Sharp debate at six Held on this Monday of Andalusian candidates on Canal Sur.

Marn responded to the attack by the head of Vox’s list with dignity and a sense of humour, showing off his torrija and confidently asking Olona if she knew how to make them. and Teresa Rodriguez joined Festival, a demonstration of collusion between two ideological factions in the common goal of securing populist authority. “Save a little for me [torrijas] For him kichio”, said the woman from Cadiz to Marn, completely removed the Vox candidate and it was no longer easy for her to recover the thread of her speech.

Marn took a jibe at Monday’s debate. And, hours later, he told the press a . joked about calling breakfast with toast, which has become a metaphor for Ciudadanos’ strategy to somehow avoid being beaten by elections and prevent Vox from entering the Andalusian government. “We are the useful party; the deciding vote. With us the Andalusians guarantee that there will be no 19J, We are the safe vote. The only ones who have clearly explained to the Andalusians what we are going to do with their vote”, Marn confirmed this Tuesday, taking a piece of sweets. “That goes for Olona”, he insisted. , and then promised to send Teresa and Kitchi some French toast, “Because I love them both so much”.

Undoubtedly, Marn and Rodriguez are the two candidates most satisfied with the outcome of the two debates held on public television, the first TVE and second in channel on, Ciudadanos’ candidate is launching a campaign for survival with elections against him, raising doubts that the party OrangeThe one who co-ruled Andalusia for the past three years could be left without representation in the Autonomous Chamber.
Marn insisted on Tuesday that his goal was to form a parliamentary group and that if he only got one deputy out, he would quit politics. “I’m going home,” she repeated.

Teresa Rodriguez, for her part, on Monday managed to defend her role as the only party that does not wait for instructions from Madrid to formulate its strategy and make political decisions. Faced with the inflation of Andalusian discourse in this campaign, Rodriguez distanced himself from the rest of the political forces in exactly the same position as the only party based in Andalusia. This Tuesday he emphasized that idea, criticizing “Shanchism in Andalusia”, which, in his opinion, was evident in the debate on Canal Sur.

The PP candidate, Juanma Moreno, who came out practically unscathed from the first televised debate, found it more difficult to deal with this second meeting of the six because practically all of his negotiators told him to (unsuccessfully) rule out a hypothetical agreement with Vox. was asked to And the most assertive in that sense was Olona herself, who physically extended her hand to him in a staging position that inconvenienced Moreno.

This Tuesday, PP was satisfied with passing the test without leaving many hair in cat flap All sides have highlighted their resounding silence on future agreements, despite the fact that Moreno opened the door for him to explore all options to his right and left in correspondence with the “plurality” of Andalusian society, which states that Interacting with different bands. The PP-Vox pact is not the only possible one, they reiterate.

Popular people try to quickly turn the page of the debate and, if on Monday they launch a campaign to prevent Andalusians from going to the beach en masse on Sunday, this Tuesday their strategists aim To clarify to the Andalusian people that the vote for Juanma Moreno is there to take the popular party ballot “although Juanma’s name does not appear on it”. The chairman of the board is represented by the province. red color And only for the province of Malaga. That is to say, as is logical, Moreno does not lead the lists in the rest of the constituencies.

And his campaign has been so subjective, his party’s identity so hidden that the PP now fears that voters voting outside Málaga do not know very well which ballot to take to support Moreno. .

rise in popularity

For the socialist Juan Espadas and for the Por Andaluca candidate Inma Nieto, their mere participation in the debate gives a boost in terms of popularity, because, save for the distance between the two, neither of them is highly regarded in the matter among the voters. Not knowledgeable. Campaign. This Tuesday, Espadas counted on a “comeback” as he is confident Olona’s radical speech has won “not a single progressive vote remains in his house next Sunday”.

Inma Nieto began to intervene by introducing herself to the televised meeting on her behalf. Given the uncertainty that exists due to the diversity of political brands to which the Left agrees in these elections, it is a necessary exercise in what is a protocol formula for others. Teresa Rodriguez combats confusion by putting her face on Adelante Andaluca ballots. While IU and Podemos try to make it clear to their voters that they are behind Inma Nieto’s candidacy by increasing interference in their leaders’ campaigns. This Tuesday, Por Andalucá celebrates its main function in Dos Hermanas together with three ministers of the United We Can: Ioan Bellara, Alberto Garzon and Yolanda Dazs, under whose patronage Nieto presents himself without complexes.

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