Andalusian election debate: Moreno sells management and tries to polarize Olona 19-J’s first Andalusian debate

Andalusian election debate


Marn acts as a buffer against criticism of the Andalusian government while the PP candidate manages not to lose the institutional tone.

Six candidates participating in the TVE debate.
Six candidates participating in the TVE debate.EFE

For the first time ever, tonight, the six candidates from the main parties running for the Andalusian elections – PP, PSOE, Ciudadanos, Vox, Adelante Andaluca and Por Andaluca – which are held on June 19, saw each other’s faces and debated in the territorial center of RTVE-Andaluca.

The president of the Junta de Andalucía and the PP candidate for re-election, Juanma Moreno, sold management claiming that Andaluca was growing above the national average and that the Andalusian community was no longer a financial hell since the PP and CS ruled in coalition. Is. After 37 consecutive years of PSOE Govt. Macarena Olona, ​​the Vox candidate for President of the Andalusian government, tried to polarize her with immigration and gender policies. He promised to repeal all ideological and sectarian laws accepted in Madrid and Andalusia if he manages to gain access to the government of the Junta.

The Adelante Andaluca candidate, Teresa Rodriguez, responded by accusing the right-wing populist party led by Santiago Abascal of being the political arm of sexist terrorism and of being a party of abusers. He also rebuked them for their racist biases facing the most vulnerable, immigrant minors.

Moreno, for his part, avoided a scuffle with the rest of the candidates. I am a man of fashion, I am everyone’s target, he declared. At the same time, he attacked the PSOE candidate Juan Espadas, whom he had linked to the old PSOE. You have been a consultant with Chaves and Grin in the context of two former socialist presidents of the Andalusian government who have been sentenced for the ERE case, the largest cause of corruption ever investigated in the country.

To address the criticism launched by the Swords about their management in health, education or dependency, Moreno replied: He has ruled for 37 years, why didn’t he? Espadas downplayed the impact of the Andalusian government’s tax reform, arguing that this meant only five euros in personal income tax for Andalusians, while also reactivating industry, managing public services well and giving Andalusia has been called to be placed at the head of European funds.

While the vice president of the Andalusian government and the citizens’ candidate, Juan Marn, buffered criticism of the coalition government, claiming that the waiting list has been reduced and that more teachers and more health workers are working in the Andalusian government since the PP. Ciudadanos is ruling.

The debate became less and less and the candidates were, gradually, adjusting to a format in which the parties agreed on the final details: from the time of the candidates’ arrival at the regional center of the RTVE, to the number of peers or the documents they would like to debate. could be taken during The candidates had a stopwatch so that they could manage their speaking time as per the format of the debate. The stopwatch was technically managed by a professional referee.

Por Andaluca’s candidate Inmaculada Nieto reprimanded Moreno for his management in health and education. Haven’t you run 8,000 toilets? Aren’t there 3,000 fewer teachers in the class? The chairman of the board reprimanded him for being untrue.

In addition, Nieto described the economic policies of the Andalusian government as too outdated, while he criticized the Andalusian government for the dishes on the table that have already failed, the more modern European right wing than you, not implementing them.

At the beginning of the debate on the economy, employment and taxation, Juan Marn, the vice president of the board and the CS candidate, outlined Moreno’s speech on job creation, arguing that we have created 200,000 jobs to show that Andalusia is a locomotive. To create jobs, the continuation of the flat rate for the self-employed and the promise of a 30% rebate on fees, to stop paying 1,200 euros per year, for those who cannot benefit from the flat rate.

Olona, ​​for her part, states that the Andalusian government’s victorious wind is an insult to Andalusian families, questioning the myth of management and rebuking it for spending double on institutional communications, while it wiped out 37,000 dependents who died without dying. benefits even though it is recognized.

Teresa Rodriguez, for her part, recalls the INE survey to indicate that fifteen of the twelve poorest municipalities are Andalusian, to claim that Andalusia cannot live on tourism alone, which generates uncertain wages. does.

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