Andalusian leftist conglomerate urges central election board to include Podemos as ‘extremist’


The answer may be known tomorrow. If the legal route fails, they will seek a “political” settlement as the six parties seek to participate in 19-J together.

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Ministers Garzan and Dazs at the fair with Inma Nieto, Tony Valero and Esperanza González (Ms. Pass).@InmaNietoC
  • Policy Andalusian Electoral Board refuses to register coalition which includes Podemos for registration after deadline
  • Election Andalusian conglomerate of leftists promoted by Yolanda Daz turns into chaos

The Left Six parties of the Andalusian Sangam are eliminating to acquire the legal cartridge, on the edgethat the Podemos and another minority party, Alianza Verde, appear in the joint candidacy. Andaluca. By With which they want to fight together in the Andalusian election on 19 June.

The coalition has filed an appeal against central election boardwhich is expected to be resolved this Monday, to try to solve the mistake of Podemos, which i am late to register Officials of the Andalusian Election Board located in the Andalusian Parliament.

Also this Friday at 11:57 pm on the edge, as the time limit expired at 00.00, a coalition of four parties was registered in the registry of the Electoral Board of Andalusia, neither of which was Podemos nor Alianza Verde. If they are registered Izquierda Unida, Ms Pas, Equo e Andalusian People’s Initiative,

IU-CA sources have indicated to EL MUNDO this Sunday that they have “improvement” In front of the Central Electoral Board, “Let’s see if it works” and Podemos and Alianza Verde could become part of a left-wing coalition. In any case, if the “legal route” fails, an attempt will be made to resolve it “political” area,

“We are clear that the purpose is to guarantee that six political forces They can be in the same political space even if it is something that has to be decided legally”, he said.

As this newspaper is reporting, Andalusian electoral board This Saturday the six parties agreed not to accept the request to form an electoral alliance as it was registered after the deadline. It was exactly 0:14 and 01:17 this Saturday, which exceeds the time limit established in Article 44.2 of the Organic Law of the General Electoral System (LOREG), which ended at 11:59 pm on Friday, May 6.

The deadline was not met as Podemos and Alianza Verde tried to impose their own candidate as Confluence’s headliners until the last minute. It is the deputy for the CDs from United We Can, a Civil Guard by profession, Juan Antonio DelgadoWhich was chosen by Pablo Iglesias this Friday, in full talks of the six parties and hours before the deadline for registering the alliance expires.

In the end, candidates from the other four political formations won: spotless grandson (IU), real Spokesman United we can in the Andalusian Parliament and a member of the IU Executive led by Alberto Garzón as head of its institutional policy.

Inmaculada Nieto was also supported by Yolanda Diaz, the second vice-president of the government and leader of United We Can, who met with representatives of all parties of the Sangam at the Seville fair this Thursday. He encouraged them to add “different projects to help our country continue to expand”. “What I would like is that Andalucía does not turn away from the signs of the times, looking forward to yoga”, he said. The Andalusian Sangam is, in fact, considered to be the outpost of? “Broad Front” that Daz defends.

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If in the end the Central Election Board does not agree with the coalition and Podemos is excluded from it, the party’s candidate purple Can join the electoral list as an independent. main Obstacle it will be economical, since only the four parties registered with the Andalusian Electoral Board will have the right to receive their corresponding monetary funds on the basis of the votes received by them. As such, Podemos would not have the right to any economic allocation.

IU-CA sources have consulted that sources are being sought with lawyers so that, “within the law”The agreement is respected by six political formations, which predict that Podemos will hold 60% Parliamentary and “Extra-Parliamentary” Resourcescompared to 40% of IU.

Other sources consulted by this paper believe Podemos’s non-registration in the Left Alliance. “legally inaccessible” And under no circumstances will I have the right get financial money,

While the Left Alliance tries to find a solution, the general secretary of the PCE, henry santiagohave been convinced that Podemos will eventually be included in the Andalusian leftist coalition and have given less importance to the matter because “they are formal issues which are resolved by legal means without any problems”.

For his part, the Deputy Secretary-General of PSOE of Andalusia, Nagels Frizzohas trusted that the Central Election Board provides a solution that allows the formation of a coalition that includes Podemos and which promotes Left mobilization.

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