Anders Vazquez dies at 90, Wizard of Villapando


He rose to fame as a master of Castilian bullfighting in the 1960s after arming himself in the toughest capia and was awarded the Castilla y León Bullfighting Award a year earlier.

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Anders Vazquez at the age of 90 in Benavente Hospital (Zamora). Two months ago I had a heart attack, for which he has been admitted to the hospital. A year ago he received the Castilla y Leon Bullfighting Award As a tribute to a lifetime dedicated to the brave bull.

A bullfighter who managed to rise to the top of bullfighting in the 1960s. From ‘Nono’ to Villalpando’s EnchantingIts evolution from bullfighting to surviving classicism that fit perfectly with Madrid fans led to a metamorphosis.

very young he went to madrid To work in a market and to train with Saleri II, a schoolgirl in Vista Alegre, “My greatest quality was my temperament. It was this character that made me learn to work and fight when I was 14. Inspired to move to Madrid. Then it was he who helped me in Capia. Plus what got me through the shortest moments,” he confessed to EL Mundo a year ago. Andrs Vzquez is an example of business, passion and perseverance.

His beginning was harsh in those terrifying capias through the fields of Castile, where he saw many fellow victims die among the horns of those vicious bulls, as excellently reflected in the film by José María Fork starring Anders Vazquez. : ‘I have seen death’. His watery face, engulfed by time and suffering, reflects those difficult times.

His first idols—transmitted by his father—were Domingo Ortega and Juan Belmonte. Classic bullfighters as a base. His development was continuous; From defense to exhibition, from tension to naturalness, from academic to emotion. Domingo Ortega passed down one of the temple’s secrets: “Zamorano, let your crutches smell, but don’t touch it.” He did not stop growing in search of the naturalness of his friend Antonio Bienvenida. “From Antonio, may he rest in peace, I learned that bullfighter, the fighting spirit, the grace and the authority that one should have in life,” he remarked.

He substituted Gregorio Sánchez at Las Ventas in 1962, when he was about to turn 30. He went out on his shoulders that particular day and the next afternoon. Madrid launched him at the top of bullfighting. Then came the long season, success, money and also Goring. Some of them are very serious. He was a bullfighter heavily punished by bulls, not looking for pure bullfighting, true bullfighting.

In 1969 he crossed paths with another character forged in a thousand battles: Victorino Martin. Villalpando’s teacher’s career began to run out of steam but he cut off two of the great Baratero’s ears at Las Ventas. Victorino and Anders made a tandem for history. Anders Vazquez was the first matador to fight with six bulls alone for Victorino Martón in Madrid. The gesture became a heroic act and a test that the great figures of bullfighting took to demonstrate their maturity and dominance.

Together they reached the highest level of bullfighting, thanks to becoming an expert he managed to open a gap in the elite: “If the figures won’t let me eat at their table, they’ll have to eat at me.”, he said at the time in a phrase that is already part of the history of bullfighting. The figures were signed up for Victorino’s bullfight and there he met Zamorano, who surprisingly understood those from Albecerada.

He enjoyed an important cartel in the capital of Spain, considered a bullfighter of Madrid. In Seville, he bullied very little, bit his ears, and got the strongest bunkering of his career from a bull Samuel Flores when he was already 40, He had a hard accident and the following year in Valladolid when he regained his morale, he reconsidered his future. Prior to this, he had left a face-off in Madrid with Antonio Bienvenida and Victorino Bullock to miss. He retired in 1974. In those retired years, he organized a bullfight in Zamora to honor him and awarded him the Gran Cruz de Benificencia for his philanthropy in innumerable acts in favor of the most needy. This afternoon, dressed for the road, he sported the beroquel cap with unmatched softness and flair. a peak job.

I returned to the bulls in 1977 Fighting alone in Madrid to pay for the monument to Antonio Bienvenida which is in front of Las Ventas of Barcelona’s great artist, although located in Segovia, Luis Cengino. That afternoon he cut off three ears and showed the more seductive aspect of him as a teacher who would stay with him for the rest of his career until his dismissal in 1982. Later they reappeared sporadically at festivals and some bullfights.

He managed the cape with restraint but his Veronica stockings were huge: in front, a curved point, carrying a fortune. He summoned Au Naturale with great depth and was a prolific bullfighter despite his small stature. make fortune very pure, He also played banderilla on several afternoons, although his physical limitations conditioned him. He shared several thirds of the banderilla with his subordinate Mario Coelho. One of the Zamora protected the other pair, almost always breaking apart, while the Portuguese stood out from power or igniting public passion. sound victory was repeated So much so that in 1966’s Sanfermines, Vzquez cut off the tail of a bull owned by Juan Pedro Domec and shared the start with his trusty pawn on the shoulders of the Pamplona bullring. A unique case in the history of bull fighting.

He was always looking for good bullfighting against embedded bulls. Coming from the hostile world of the Capes, he refined himself to the extent of rubbing shoulders with figures. Fight with the support of Antonio Ordez.

character of Andres Vazquez The one mentioned above has also given him a tough time. As a commentator on television, he made many enemies in the region. A free spirit who made him conquer everything and later lose. he was famous for miserly But those of us who have had the opportunity to be close to him know that he has been a good person, with a big heart.

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