Andorran Justice accepts suit against Rajoy, Montoro and Fernandez each for BPA


This gives the former president and former economy and interior ministers 15 days to appear.

Cristóbal Montoro walks past Mariano Rajoy in Congress.Bernardo DAZ
  • Interference Private Bank of Andorra claims 141 million from state after judges acquitted of money laundering

Andorran Justice has accepted the extension of the trial to action against former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his Ministers of Economy and Interior, Cristóbal Montoro and Jorge Fernández Daz. private banking of andorra (BPA) and its Spanish branch, the Bank of Madrid.

probing judge Stephanie Garcia The relevant Rogatory Commission has already been sent to the Spanish authorities to transfer the complaints lodged by Circo family, the owners of financial institutions, and former high officials of the PP to appear in the case along with the lawyers. Ciercos’ legal action also extends to the former Secretary of State for the Interior. francisco martínez and former Director General of Police Ignatius Kosidamong others.

The complainants accused Rajoy and Montoro of “sending false information” to false documentation. FinCEN (Finance Crime Enforcement Network, dependent on the US Treasury Department). Specifically to send a communication with Andorran Bank “which initiated its intervention and liquidation on March 10, 2015”. He is also accused of crimes against constitutional organs.

In this case “to intimidate the Andorran head of government, Anthony Martinand at least three ministers with whom he had met during an official visit to the princely state on 8 January of the same year of his intervention. The reason for the meeting, according to the complaint always directed by Andorran Justices, was that they “interfered with the BPA and terminated them with the information they received”. AmericaIn the case of Fernández Diaz and his subordinates, the Circo family credits them with “coercion, intimidation, extortion and blackmail”.

It should be remembered that the Spanish justice ended the money laundering legal case, which led to the intervention of the Bank of Madrid, and that money laundering service (SepBlack) freed financial institutions from laundering money of illegal origin. For this reason, and in parallel with the lawsuits filed in Andorra against previous heads of the Spanish government, the Circo family claimed 141 million from the state due to the collapse of the Banco de Madrid and, by extension, the disappearance of the Andorran parent company.

The judicial process in Andorra began in 2016 and was initially based on an operation carried out by the Spanish police to retrieve accounts the family had concealed. pujol in Andorra. Former Bank CEO Joan Pau Mikel gave a recording in which the then internal briefcase in Andorra, Celestino Barroso, If they do not want the bank to intervene, they are called to provide information. To do this, he asked her to meet madrid with the commissioner Marcelino Martin Blass, with whom he finally met Hotel Villa Magna, According to Mikel’s account, this former high-ranking police officer pressured him to hand over all information on the undeclared accounts of Catalan independence leaders. Martin Blass has already appeared before the Andorran Justice via videoconferencing and denied the facts.

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