Andrea Levi’s crossroads: with a position in the new Ayuso PP but away from Almeida

one year before the election


A year before the municipal elections, his relationship with the mayor has deteriorated. Close ties with the party president helped him enter a new organizational chart of formation.

Levi and Almeida during the Town Hall plenary session.
Levi and Almeida during the Town Hall plenary session.Jesse Hidalgoep

If the figure of Andrea Levy Almost the entire legislature is under question within the Popular Group in Madrid City Council, now the relationship between the hard core of the Councilor for Culture and the mayor of the capital, Jose Luis Martinez Almeida, is almost non-existent. turbulent exit Paul Married The PP of the national leadership has broken the last thread that has kept that union and last week set a new precedent.

Councilors taking advantage of the celebration of the Congress of Madrid’s PP at IFEMA last Friday popular After months of complicating espionage cases and with commission agents they met at a restaurant near campus for a group meal. According to many of those present at El Mundo, Levy was “absent without justification” at that meeting. There was some more absenteeism, but, the same sources suggest, this is because they had marriages to serve as councillors.

From the environment of the Councilor of Culture, who despite his presence could barely be seen with his peers during Congress, he remarks that his absence is due to the fact that his association with the Mayor of Pamplona’s Culture was “an important meeting” was scheduled. To close pending projects. However, in the municipal group, they insist that they were unaware of this and that there was no information about their absence from the food.

broken relationship

Such is the erosion in the relationship between the councilor and the mayor’s loyalists, myself included, that sources do not believe that the appointment of Levi as a member of the board of directors of the PP of Madrid is part of Almeida. The quota included in the organization chart by Isabel Daz Ayuso. There the name of Inmaculada Sanz, borja fanjuli You borja carabante, But not the culture councillor. Sources close to the councilor say, “We don’t know whose part it is, not ours.

However, in Levi’s circle, they understand that his appointment as a member is due to his “autonomous” profile and “his proximity” to Ayuso for years, “much earlier than the rest”, despite the development of PP. Belonging to a similar generation within, starting his career in Barcelona and Madrid respectively and being a very close counselor to Casado until a few days before his departure.

In fact, in the new PP in Madrid, the term they use to refer to Levi’s position is “surprise” precisely because of “his insistence” upon Ayuso entering the organization charts precisely because he believes it. is casadista, Sources consulted by EL Mundo elaborated that the member’s status is “a consolation prize” because of the said insistence on having a limited role in the party’s decisions in the region.

Andrea Levy, in an act at the Teatro Real last week.
Andrea Levy, in an act at the Teatro Real last week.if olivaEuropa Press

The Culture Councilor is, at the moment, at a crossroads without firm support anywhere. He does not have the share of the regional president and has little in the municipality, where his arrival, at the request of Casado as No. 2 on the list in the 2019 municipal elections, was not very well received despite being appointed spokesman. . Group Municipality.

Although he tells his team that the relationship with Almeida has “always been professional” and that the mayor’s office has always valued his work in the field of culture, the reality is that the conflict has been constant throughout the legislature and that of Casado in Guanova. Appearance held back judgments of greater importance. Two moments were particularly significant: the presentation of Neves de Matadero’s first programming in February 2020 and the association with Pilar Peria and Mar Espinar in a commission from the Culture sector in October of the same year.

good job and some scratches

In the first case, Levy accused the former government manuela carmena To “put out your communal hand” in the culture by removing the plates of Max Aub and Fernando Arrabal from Matadero’s theatres. In the face of complaints from some attendees, Meyer concluded, “Now they are going to see how free culture is going to give them their place and respect again because they deserve to be back where their sectarianism never took them.” should go.”

Those words were not understood in Sibels considering that “unnecessary fires” were being encouraged at the time. He had even less conflict with the mayors of Ms Madrid, Pilar Peiria, commenting on the “pre-Columbian art defeat”, and the PSOE, Mar Espinar, accusing him of being a “masculine socialist” during the October 2020 Culture . commission.

In Siebels’s offices, anger was rampant in the face of complaints from groups on the left, forcing the mayor to apologize, and he even raised Levi’s dismissal without end. Now asked about this possibility, given the complete breakdown of ties, Almeida’s team dismissed it as the election nears, where Levi has now been ruled out as an option.

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