Angel Schlesser receives the 2022 National Fashion Design Award

one more year, Ministry of Culture and Sports have given their National Fashion Design Award, And it’s gone on the 2022 figure Angel Schleser, Why is this newsworthy? because this is again a sample of How the fashion industry plays an important role (almost) in the framework of either country, in both Economic (this activity generates millions of jobs and euros month after month) and on cultural, because fashion is a reflection of the happenings in the society. Perhaps, one of the most faithful that exists. So, in a certain sense, the jury that met this morning in Madrid wanted to recognize Schleser’s work.

As he has communicated, the committee wanted to praise”The full artistic and entrepreneurial career of a Spanish creator who consolidated a certain aesthetic until it became internationally recognizable, along pure and innovative lines“. In addition, it is also highlighted that “Her work describes a focus on professional and contemporary women who is an example to the younger generation of designers“In other words, it marks Spain beyond its borders and as a practical but evocative source of inspiration for those who wish to develop their passion as a creator as long as it is their Don’t become a way of life: Join dreams without losing practicality and customer needs. subtle? Yes, so it’s rewarding. Impossible? Not very little.


Although the ministry specifies that the award “rewards the meritorious work of the winner through work made public during 2021”, it also makes exceptions in “duly motivated cases” for appreciation and recognition. “A complete professional trajectory over time”, And that would be the case of Angel Schleser.

Angel Fernandez Ovejero The man behind the designer, was born in Santander and began his career in the fashion industry in 1984, thanks to men’s fashion, later making the leap to women’s clothing, as he has stated on several occasions, Express request of friends and customers . it was in 1996 When it opened its first store in Madrid and since then, the firm has been growing at a slow but steady pace to be known both inside and outside our country with a refined aesthetic, although classified as purely minimalist. Cannot be used, but speaks of cleanliness those lines that have become especially present in the dress. Some of the more vivid and intense colors paired with a good handful of neutrals also capture the tailor-inspired pieces that pair directly with Schlesser’s Way Sartorial Origins,


In its collection you can also find trench coats, flowing blouses and slightly more experimental silhouettes (within the minimalist and understated) that have convinced many, many people. So much so, that when the founders of the brand split from creative work years ago (in 2018 it was Daniel Rabaneda who took the reins; in 2020, Juan Carlos Mesa), His legacy lives on and remains intact.

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