Anna Fernandez: “Actresses Are Safer Than #MeToo”


The actress is looking for a trainer to improve her cardio and “do not end up drowning in three races on set.” The ‘false vegetarian chicken’ hura is eaten in the same way as a good sirloin and Iberian ham.

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Actress Ana Fernandez at the Casa Corona Terrace in Madrid.fernando vazquezu
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Actress and singer, before leaving for the Rolling Stones concert anna fernandez (Madrid, November 10, 1989) Takes some time to relax with Zen in the legendary Terraza Atenes, converted this summer into Casa Corona and with a very special makeover. have fun, “I’m so fond of this place because for years, when we used to go to movie premieres in Callao, the party was always with my colleagues. Now it’s more welcoming with all these woods and plants,” she introduces. is wearing white jeans and a cropped top very rocky.

without any taboo on subjects, because it was leading in normalize going to therapyWhether it’s the difficult loss of a loved one or has joined Twitter because of the pay gap, the TODAY actress naturally shows how she feels and thinks about issues related to healthy living.

We saw her on the set in a wedding dress Conserved: DNA, The second season of ATRESplayer Premium. How are holidays presented? Will there be a break between chapter and chapter?
What I love is the heat! In fact, I will be able to make some plans. The new season has six chapters and we will end in August. I feel that I will be able to do short breaks and a lot of swimming pools, in Madrid it is great even without the traffic jams and enjoying the terraces like this.
After so long without flying, do you want to take an international trip?
I really want to go on a leisurely safari in Africa. probably in September, when it Boom Get off work, I would love to be able to see the animals in their natural habitat as much as possible outside the car without disturbing them. There’s also Route 66 in my view, but it’s an adventurous lady, so I have to give the English a smack.
Of course he likes animals, he has at least six puppies. she’s one of those people who see what places dog friendly,
now my friend [Adrin Roma] And I live in a small house on the outskirts with a garden where they are happy. I don’t go out much with the six of us because it’s a show: they don’t hand us that much leash [re], One of the things we consult is applications, as we no longer go to hotels, but to homes that allow dogs. The problem is that when you put them in Apps Pet Filter, offer drops from 500 to 10. Everything has become very less and you have to take the month of August in March, don’t know what will happen.
So you already have?
Let’s go to Malaga, where you can very well walk along the coast and there are limited areas for them without gentlemen for you. The city is just great.
When you have shoots and events, what’s the logistics like with six animals?
We have a very fun organization. Our house is occupied by my sister and her boy, so she combines teleworking and always helps me with the dogs. In addition, I am lucky because Adri Yama does not have periods of intense work. Well, if I had a recording he wouldn’t have been on tour and vice versa. At the most, dogs are alone for four hours, and have their own family together. A mounted microcosm, as they like to accompany each other.
Any region is subject to ups and downs, especially in times of pandemic and war. Actors always experience more harsh and slower times. how do you live it?
We are constantly innovating ourselves. Cinema had a lot of impact even before Kovid and now it has been made Christ. People are still intimidated by rooms, even though they are probably one of the safest places around, and they have so much more to offer. Except for the Marvel bombings in which it goes en masse, I think it’ll become a cult site, too. vintage, Where to go to people very interested to live an experience. It won’t die like vinyl, but it will be four times more expensive. There are already more select rooms, those with special screens or those committed to unparalleled comfort. I recently discovered Cinesa Luxe at MazadaHonda, which are small theaters but incredible, and they are latte too. I have always been crazy about going to movies, I enjoy it.
And platforms, have they peaked after spectacular figures of confinement and a plethora of supplies?
We have been given life. A few years ago, the fictional bet was just two channels choosing the same actor as usual and, even, competing at the same time and others, meanwhile, eating our snot. Netflix, HBO and others have hired makeup artists, sound technicians, interpreters, and a whole range of 100 or more employees to finally be quiet with multiple projects a year. Above all, in the sense that you shoot in Chapter Two without the pressure of being canceled because there’s no audience and you’re out of a job.
He does his season and goes up without any pain… he is no longer dependent on a Champions League match.
That’s right, we’ve lived it! I have been in suspense for football and successful series. With the platforms we have achieved stability. Now, everyone who was bored when they were locked in the house is not going to stay. They have to reinvent themselves to offer different content, not just because it has to be produced. There are great projects, but there are other potatoes. The good thing is that the power is passed on to the audience, who till now was only a receiver, and they took it when the series didn’t change from day to day.
Or they put it on every day, like in Turkish soap operas primetime,
Power is in command. Do you want to give yourself a marathon? Excellent! on mobile or ipad? Very You have the freedom that I am, as a consumer, too, because I watch all the series, I appreciate. Viewers have their place, as there was a complete lack of respect for them till the arrival of platforms.
But in the end the market is the market…
Of course, they have their gauges as to what works and what doesn’t. He is no longer so aggressive with everyone. Now they say to you: ‘We do two seasons’. You go on with your life and they kick them out when they want to. with wire girls We signed with Netflix for episodes, not seasons, and that gave us the peace of mind to spend four years in the same company. And very calm, don’t think about what you will do tomorrow. It has brought a lot of peace to the audiovisual sector and I am very much in favor of it.
Have you ever asked for a character?
I’ve been very lucky and haven’t seen myself in that situation. My partner Anna in. probably the most intimate scene with wire girls The most controversial has been, and being two girls let’s protect each other.
In candid scenes like this, does an actress care about what her body looks like?
Everything agrees very well with the directors and you say: ‘I want to see this, but not this.’ No problem since the front of the movement, and less #Me tooActresses are more secure. The issue was already being addressed regarding the new position of the person in charge of the nude scene in the sector. It’s a specific person who is there for you and stands up for you, so you don’t have to see yourself saying: ‘I don’t want this’ in front of a team, which is very violent and uncomfortable.
he likes sports?
I’m looking forward to hiring a trainer for the weekend, whom I’ve already talked to, because I’m running some races with amazing special effects and I’m drowning. The next day he put some harness on me and I felt pain in my back. Even if they don’t need it, we’re getting older and a little cardio isn’t bad, so you don’t lose your life in three takes. I don’t train regularly and I want to start toning.
I have seen him advertising hamburgers. It’s not very healthy…
There is a very visceral war between the worlds over the issue of food Healthy And in the other world we have been without trouble for years. I believe that all brands and restaurants are putting a lot of effort into improving the quality of their products, making them fresher and more local. Now, if I want to eat any vegetarian dish, I eat it. And it’s the same with steak. Excess of anything is doubtful. You can’t turn from a meat eater to a vegetarian overnight, and the pros are here to explain the progressive way to do it. Meat made me lazy since I was little, it disgusted me, and I preferred fish. I’ve been discovering, as I did recently with Hura, that I buy at home, and it’s a fake meat that tastes great. And if I go to a restaurant, I eat as good sirloin or Iberian ham as I want. I’ll never take it off. It is best to have a balance.

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