Anna Polvorosa: “The ‘Ada’ Thing Was Absolute Insanity”


Actress Anna Polvorosa (Getafe, 1987).
Actress Anna Polvorosa (Getafe, 1987).Xavi Martinez

Getafe, 1987. After shooting ‘La Fortuna’ with Amenbar, who was lore in the series ‘paid’Actress anna polvorosaA short film by Ral Herrera produced by Messala participates in “Plein Air” and Ana Torrente co-stars as it opens this Thursday.

CMO Description ‘Plein Air’?
It’s one of those stories that feels like you’re watching through a tiny hole, and it’s just a small piece of the story between a mother and a daughter and the differences between them about existence, how to live. Describes conflicts.
Why is it sometimes so hard to get along with your moms?
Because of these contradictions of life – to give birth to you and to keep you in His womb and give you life – it is precisely with those with whom you have that level of trust and connection on a biological and spiritual level who have more There may be locks. They are intelligent and intuitive and they have this brutal sixth sense… They are beautiful introversion, that one person who knows you so well, with whom at a certain moment you may have a tremendous lack of communication.
Anna Torrent plays his mother.
There was a strange similarity, because I just finished shooting ‘La Fortune’ and I discussed it with Alejandro Amenbar. [quien la dirigi en ‘Tesis’], How is life, that suddenly both of us pass from here. And well, I really wanted to work with her because I didn’t know her personally, but she has always told me something very interesting as an actress and a person. There is something very magnetic in it that grabs you.
Have you achieved anything professionally in the last two and a half ‘covidian’ years?
In my case, every moment of my life is worth it for my profession, so that I can express myself in my work later. We’ve gone through a moment in which there’s a generalized meltdown, seeing ourselves in this most ambiguous situation, no way out, that keeps you on the ropes, not knowing what’s going to happen, a lot of fear, a lot of insecurities. I believe this is valid for every sensation, every feeling, every thought that you have in your life.
How would you say you have grown as an actress?
There is one thing I am learning from my profession is to be able to flow and grow creatively, artistically, spiritually… whatever you want to call it. You don’t need to think much. I had a struggle with wanting to be in this position because the character needed it. And I’ve learned that no, character starts where you start. That is to say: if you are in a less emotional moment or in another in which you have won the lottery, with 4 million euros in your account, you are constantly there with a smile on your face and suddenly you have to destroy character.
Have you ever regretted starting acting as a child?
Over the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve seen my ups and downs. But I think with my turning point on a personal and professional level, I know how to deal with critical moments. And also see where I want my career to be directed, what makes me happy and what makes me grow and develop. To see that all of this has a meaning and is going somewhere. And the truth is, I’m very proud and calm about the steps I’m taking and how I’ve done it.
How was it that everyone recognized him by the lore of ‘Ada’?
Let’s see, is it that who has not seen ‘Ada’ in his life? I mean, I’m sure everyone has zaped and posted a little bit at some point in their lives, even if it was a ten-minute chapter. And I wonder when I see that the series is still airing and people are still watching it. Everybody knew all of us, all the actors and actresses who were on the series, and going out on the street was absolute madness. There were situations that were a bit overwhelming. I am more calm now. When someone recognizes me from time to time, they usually associate me with ‘Cable Girls’ or ‘La Fortunea’ as well. And it’s like: how cool, what a relief, the wheel is spinning and we’re moving and we’re all evolving. Because it is true that there was a time when it seemed that we were caught in the trap of time. People are empathetic when they see you working and they connect with the way you communicate. There was a lot of love for all the characters in the series, Ek Mannat Ki Baat. But there is a point where it would have been nice if we lived in oblivion.
Speaking of insanity, how about this second we’re in the middle of this time?
We are very confused and we should take some rest, relax, normalize and treat each other with respect. And listen to us, which is very important. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from or whatever, but when the other person talks to you, listen and respect each other.
How do you manage in social networks?
I am blissfully lost as I realize that our mind is going places we are not aware of. And he scares. And it creates a lot of suffering because we are giving up on what is really important. I like to be in my absent world, taking an interest in things that really bring something beautiful to my life. I’m not going to be intellectual here either, but it’s more interesting for me to meet or call someone than to start a chat with emoticons. I don’t need to capture every moment of my life, because the important thing is already inside me. The interesting thing is that you control it and it doesn’t control you. And if you can use it as a work tool from a sensible standpoint and with a little common sense, that’s wonderful.

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