Another plot twist in the case of Marta del Castillo casts doubt on the official version after 13 years


‘Cuco’ and his mother’s confession that they lied in their excuse calls into question the acquittal of the rest of the accused, although they cannot be tried again and the sentence is final

Francisco Javier Garco
On the bench of the accused, Francisco Javier García, alias ‘Cuco’ and his mother Rosala García.EFE
  • perjury El Cuoco admits to judge that he lied at trial for Marta del Castillo’s crime
  • Holocaust Cuoco and her mother’s “plan”…was to lie

Marta del Castillo was assassinated on the night of January 24, 2009, at around nine o’clock. Provincial Court of Seville Condens A miguel carcao As the perpetrator of the crime, the two discussed the cause of the relationship.They had an emotional affair in the past, and at one point he picked up an ashtray and gave it death Punch in the head.

The punishment was also declared to be proved that he came again nico semplis condemned, Francis Javier Garciaaka were CuckooAnd between the two and with the help of at least one unknown third party, they got rid of the corpse.

Thirteen years and dozens of statements later, the then-minor admitted yesterday that the courts have already told and always denied that he was at the crime scene When they disposed of the dead body of the girl.

Cuckoo He admitted that while lying before the court of the Sevillian Court of Justice prosecuting the defendants of legal age on October 25, 2011, he assured that he had not set foot in Miguel’s apartment that day and that, instead, he was part of a group. With friends bottling in Polgono San Pablo. and his parents He alibi. Confirmed,

Francisco Javier García and his mother – his father died a few years ago – sat on the bench yesterday, well, one of the crime of perjuryWhich he openly accepted without answering any questions.

His confession of lies is the fifteenth plot twist in the Marta del Castillo case and although there will be no result Practice at the judicial level – those who were acquitted cannot be retried and the two sentences given are final and irrevocable – they question the judicial truth of what happened that night so far was known and who had participated.

judicial truth

Especially since the Court of the Seventh Division of the Court sentenced Carcao and acquitted his brother, Francis Xavier Delgadoto Ste’s girlfriend, mara garcaalready Samuel Bentz– I set up a chronology of events Based on the testimony of, in part Cuckoo And her parents would make Marta’s body disappear around ten o’clock in the night, when the person guilty of hiding it had no excuse. By 11:30, he had already been granted by his parents, who have now admitted that it was fictional.

stays like this duda In this sense, the Juvenile Judge’s ruling pointed to the more likely hypothesis that it happened the morning after one. At that time, according to yesterday’s confession, Cuckoo They had no excuse, but what is even more shocking is that those who were acquitted did not have one.

in the sentence signed by the magistrate Alejandro Vian Those remaining accused were directly alluded to their involvement in Marta’s crime, but without explicitly mentioning them, there was little to condemn them, as they were later tried by the Seville Court.

Relatives and neighbors of Marta del Castillo demand a new trial at the doors of the Seville courts.
Relatives and neighbors of Marta del Castillo demand a new trial at the doors of the Seville courts.EFE

Marta’s family has always maintained that Cuckoo Demand to protect For others involved, notably Carcao’s brother, whom they believe not only to be the mastermind, but also to be the physical author of the young woman’s death, although judicially that door was also closed to the parents and had to be re-opened. Almost impossible to open.

In the form of Cuckoo like her mother now faces a possible sentence to aces of crcelAlthough the lawyers representing Marta’s parents, immaculate minaretbelieves that the topmost thing they have tried is to prevent Caracao from declaring.

Marta’s (official) killer was called for next Tuesday, but Criminal Judge 7 agreed, admitting perjury yesterday, cancel all tests Pending except the statement of the parents of the victim.

This is a mockery of justice, complained Torres, who pointed out that it was aimed at Antonio Del Castillo and of Eve Casanova Basically, Caracao testified and they could have asked him about whereabouts from his daughter. It has a bitter sweet taste, apostille.

After representing all this lawyer Cuckoo, Augustan Riveratry quashing of trial Alleging that his client was forced to testify as a witness at an adult trial while he still had the right not to testify because he did not know that his sentence was already final.

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