Another Surprise From Jordan Dazs, Cuba: “I’m Indebted Almost My Life To Pelleteiro”


Last Saturday, in his second Test as a Spaniard, he broke the triple jump national record. 17.30 m. Small. I was not satisfied. When he left his country, Cuba, his goal was to become an Olympic medalist, and today his goal is the same: Paris 2024, a candidate here

Triple Jordan D
Triple jumper Jordan Dazs in Guadalajara.Kema Kingbrand
  • mold Nationalized Jordan Dazs, promises world’s biggest triple jump, takes off with Spanish record
  • Interview Ana Pelleteiro: “That the two medalists were black would spoil a lot of people”

Before 28 June 2021, Jordan Dazi (Havana, Cuba, 2001) The Cuban press had an indescribable talent, the monarch of a dynasty, a successful teenager, but since June 28, 2021 he has another forced absence, countless, never speaking. There is one more surprise. On June 28, 2021, taking advantage of a stopover in Madrid for his Alicante-bound team, Diaz crossed the airport gate and planted himself in Zaragoza, where one of his uncles lives. He was the under-18 and under-20 world champion and was competing for a medal at the nearby Tokyo Games, but gave up everything to start a new life. He was tired of the pressure, the treatment, the promiscuity. Today, the Spanish already nationalized, he holds the triple jump national record. Today, already a nationalized Spaniard, he trains with Ivan Pedroso in Guadalajara with Yulimar Rojasso already ana pelteiro -now pregnant-, an important figure in his defection.

Pelletero introduced Pedroso himself to his agent, Alberto SurezoAnd I also talked about you to the chairman of the Higher Sports Council, Jose Manuel Franco, how was it?
I had contact with him from several concentrations he did with the Cuban team in Guadalajara, and I wrote to him from Zaragoza. He asked me to help me and he did. It helped me a lot. I almost owe my life to Anna. Perhaps many people know him through social networks, being the media, but he is a super person. I’ll spend an hour talking about that and all will be well. She’s not training as much with the pregnancy, she’s living in France more, but I’m so glad she’s happy.
Why did you decide to leave Cuba?
I have loved Spain for a long time, visiting for the first time, I have already found it incredible. It is a beautiful country with a common language and a common culture. Things were tough in Cuba, it’s a complicated country, they drove me a lot, and here I found peace of mind. I am very happy in Guadalajara. I miss my family, but I talk to them on the phone every day and they are very happy with what I am achieving. This is very important for me.
Guadalajara has nothing, only old people, said his training partner, Fatima SilentMovistar program in La Resistencia.
[Re] It’s a nice place, I love it. I really like calm. I didn’t come to Spain to tour, I came to live and train and here I can focus on that.
How much have your training sessions changed since you’ve been under Ivan Pedroso’s orders?
They are two very different methods. In Cuba, he trained above all in strength and technique; Here with Ivn I have greatly improved my speed. But mostly what has changed is that Ivan doesn’t rush me. As he always tells me, my aim should be to train well, improve what I want to do and the records will come. In fact, I don’t have a brand or a title in mind right now.
He cannot compete with Spain until next year.
This season is zero for me, I will focus on competing in the club league here [maana tiene la final] or to follow the competitions of the Spanish Championship, and the Diamond League [debuta el domingo 18], If all goes well, he will debut with Spain at the next Indoor European Championship in March next year. It excites me.
It competes with Barcelona in the club league, but they say it is too Real Madrid.
[Re] I am not involved in this, I am not involved in this. The truth is I’m very happy to sign for Bara, it was so quick, they were so kind. I am very much in love with the person in charge, Vincent Egido,
Speaking of other sports… Have you always loved athletics?
This was my mother. My father used to play basketball occasionally and I loved football and baseball, but as a kid I didn’t do anything. I did not do anything. A school teacher suggested we do athletics, my friends signed up and I did too, but when they left after a month, my mom wouldn’t let me. I had to stick to forced athletics until I started liking it. when i was in sixth grade [12 o 13 aos], I joined the School of Sports Initiative School and I no longer have a normal childhood. I took it very seriously, I only thought about training.
What’s done in that Sports Initiative school that isn’t done in a Spanish car to make so many Cuban jumpers come out?
If you ask that question there, no one will tell you the answer. No one knows the secret. We don’t have the resources of the first world, but we do get a lot of jumpers. I think it’s tradition, methodology, experience. The trainers there are very knowledgeable about jumping.
when the obstacle orlando ortega, Olympic runner-up, hailing from Cuba, he met several Spanish athletes on the hills. Have you felt the same way?
I thought there would be some misunderstanding about my arrival, it’s understandable: each person has their own criteria and would have accepted it. But I talk to many triple jumpers and the communication is great, we get on very well.
His Spanish record is 17.30m. Those who have seen him on the train say that he can break the record of 18 meters.
I hope so. But, as I said earlier, my main aim is to train. Results will come out. I have come to Spain to do the right thing, not to rush, to meet my coach and my agent, so that I can live well.

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