Anti-corruption prosecutor interrogates Luis Rubiales’ uncle and former chief of staff


The Public Ministry investigates whether the president of the Federación Espaola de Ftbol received an irregular commission

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  • hero The complainant of Luis Rubiales, an acquaintance of the Football Federation

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor has made a statement this morning Juan RubialesUncle and former Chief of Staff to the President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), louis rubiales, The Ministry of Public Affairs has called the right hand of the head of Spanish football at ten o’clock in the morning in the framework of proceedings that are open to determine the possible commission of irregularities on the head of the federal body.

As EL Mundo learned, Juan Rubiales has been questioned as a witness in the investigation opened after the complaint was filed. miguel gallonBased on information published in recent weeks by ‘El Confidential’, President of the National Training Center for Football Coaches.

Rubiales was removed from the post of Chief of Staff and transferred to other RFEF offices after breaking up with his relative after arguing about the institution’s management. In this way, this historical journalist continues on the payroll of the entity that controls Spanish football but is far from the decision-making center and works in some of the RFEF offices in the center of Madrid.

Precisely Galen has launched a new legal action against Rubiales by filing a criminal complaint for the offenses of corruption in business and improper administration. The new complaint, filed in a court of prima facie case and Mazadahonda’s investigation, focuses on, among others, the operation to move the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia.

In this sense, the complaint is also addressed to the FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Piku, who agreed to take a millionaire commission through his company Cosmos. The complaint states that Piqu and Rubiales “agreed on a plan to profit from 24 million euros” through “collusion at the expense of the RFEF” while “hiding the above commission and pretending in documents that the payment was a was done by the third party.” “, referring to Saudi Arabia.

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