Anti-corruption retains request for 8 years in prison for ‘money junkie’ for extorting money from Imelsa


The prosecutor insisted that Marcos Benavente had designed the “criminal operation”. He has maintained his five-year request for former mayor of Moncada, for a man from Benavente and for former head of service on the Valencia City Council.

Marcos Benavente, the so-called 'money junkie', upon entering the courthouse.
Marcos Benavente, the so-called ‘money junkie’, upon entering the courthouse.

prosecutor anticorpusin have made their conclusions definite in the Thematica excerpt obtained from the case Imelsa and has upheld his request for eight years and three months in prison for the former manager of the public company Imelsa mark benaventAnother five years in prison for the former mayor of Moncada with a self-proclaimed ‘money junkie’, and PP, Juan Jose Medina,

The Public Ministry has moved its request in this Monday’s session to examine the first part of the Macro-Cause, in which the Thematica Events company is judged for alleged irregularities in awards and allegations of alleged crimes, including embezzlement of the public. is alleged. Money, falsified in commercial documents and official made by officials, contract fraud and money laundering.

Along with Benavent, the prosecutor has maintained his request for Juan José Medina to be administrator of Thematica for 11 years for five years, Rafael Garca Baratiand another nine for Francisca Tamarit, former head of service in Valencia City Council and current civil servant.

The public ministry has arrested Benavent’s alleged person, J.os asterlichBy imposing the mitigating circumstance of confession, which requires nine months in prison and the payment of 205,000 euros for money laundering, as well as two Sevillian businessmen.

For its part, Benavent’s defense will allege a similar mitigation circumstance of quasi-prescription in its report.

Frames anti-corruption incidents within a “criminal operation” designed for the alleged diversion of public funds using the public company Imelsa – later changed to divalterra and liquidation -, by its leaders, including Marcos Benavente, by decision of the former “popular” chairman of the Valencia Provincial Council, manager of the said company, alfonso russo,

irregular election funding

In connection with the alleged diversion of public funds from Imelsa to pay for the Popular Party’s electoral campaigns in the 2007 municipal elections and the 2008 general elections, the Ministry of Public Affairs considers that for the May 2007 municipal elections, Thematica Events carried out the election campaign acts of Juan José Medina’s PP for the amount of 11,782.77 Euros (not including VAT), which would have been paid by IMELSA by inflating notional costs in actual billing with the company, with “full knowledge of it” “Benavent as both Marcos Juan José Medina, who held the position of campaign coordinator for the Popular Party and vice-president of the Provincial Council of Valencia”.

Within the same municipal elections, Thematica Events served as the election campaign for the popular candidate for mayor of Villamarxant, Vicente Betoret— against whom no charges have been brought because facts have been set out for them, the prosecutor explains — which would have been paid by Imelsa and hidden from the Court of Accounts that the parties would have to offer as election expenses.

The case also refers to the “rigged” award of the Bibliobs contract with the Counsel for Culture for the years 2008 and 2009 – directed late at the time. Mara Jose Alcany— from the “Cheat” concert of the year 2010 for this service. The company Liberty Iceberg, whose administrator and sole participant was Rafael García Barat, will also participate in this predetermined contract.

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