Antonio Canales: “The audience for ‘Slvame’ is bullshit”


Antonio Canales in Villa Rosa.
Antonio Canales in Villa Rosa.Alberto Di Lolli

The dancer is the new artistic ambassador of Villa Rosa, a temple of flamenco that reopens its doors after a year closed by Covid. Now, he wants to retrieve the essence of the old tablas.

How is this new phase going to be at Villa Rosa?
I want to retrieve a temple, a flamenco cathedral, which has existed since 1911 and which I am very fond of. I am very strict and I want to give it the character it deserves. I want to do it the way it was done earlier, like the tablas which the new generation does not know.
What will be the news?
I want to give you the sacred thing that happens in a tabla: for example, nothing is served between one number and another so that the waiter doesn’t disturb you. We have cold rooms where musicians and performers go 10 minutes early so that the public can hear how they are tuning in and see them through the windows. The same was done earlier and a magical atmosphere is created. The Villa Rosa cadres are all first class artists, no fillers.
You affirm that dancing can bring out the best of moms and the worst of stepmoms.
If you don’t love her like a mother, she won’t treat you like a mother. Dancing is a very difficult world: it is beauty and pain. I’m in my twilight now, but to get to the top you have to dance when you were 7 or 8. You have to sacrifice a lot of things: you can’t ride a bike or a horse or a ski or a skate.
If you get injured?
Yes, and because you develop your muscles in a different way. I ask the dancers: “You, how much do you want to give to the dance?” “My life.” Farruquito, Sarah Baras and all those who are now stars have given me the same answer.
Will you have to take a vow of purity to reach the top?
very. People think everything is a party… No, no. Almost all the stars have taken care of themselves with lots of colacao, lots of milk and lots of rest. The days are infinite.
But you have broken that vow of purity, haven’t you?
Yes, because as the dancer Antonio used to say, old people get shameless. I have already made my career. Now I direct and am a choreographer. You can’t fight against time or want to appear an age that’s not yours. That can be done in the cinema or in the theatre, but it is impossible in dance. Dancing is the body, there are bones, there is movement… It is a challenge to gravity and, if you start carrying a lot of weight, it is very difficult to meet that challenge. And, when you say, it’s over.
You said that flamingos killed each other. Too much jealousy?
Since you’re in the National Ballet, whenever they give you a role, there are three interpreters to do it. You may love the other interpreter very much, but you want him to catch the flu so you can dance.
And would think the same about the corps de ballet soloists.
Yes, they want them to fall. it is inevitable. A dancer’s career ends at thirty. I encourage my students to study careers so they can have another life. Dance can become a martyrdom when you look at yourself in the mirror and you don’t like it. If you have nothing else you can go into depression.
Has it happened to you to look in the mirror?
Mirror has been my friend and my enemy. As you well know, I have gone through some really terrible times in my life. The mirror is constantly with the dancers because you have to look at yourself in the mirror in class as soon as you wake up. When you start to see that you can no longer do 10 pirates, but four, and you see 16-year-olds as flowers, there are many dancers who end up with depression and very bitter lives. Huh.
Why were you fired from ‘Save Me’?
They didn’t fire me, but they didn’t renew my contract.
They assure that out of the 82-day contract, you were only 13.
I worked whenever he wanted and he called me. The way he did it seemed unfair to me. To say goodbye they could tell me apart and not make a circus.
It was live, wasn’t it?
I’ve fired artists too, but I don’t tell them when I go on stage. I don’t go in front of an audience and say, “Now I’m kicking you.” It was a public ridicule. As they did so, I publicly stated what they were suffering: that they had a small audience and that even Turkish serials beat them.
Are you an unruly crook?
Yes, Antonio Canales. Antonio Gamez, one from NIF, is a normal kid. we are two. There is another canal inside me who is an unruly scoundrel and who drives another mad. But it has also saved him many times. When Gomez couldn’t get up, Canales would come and tell her: “Up! Dead instead of normal.”
You have confessed that you came to touch Hell and Race through gambling and drugs.
It was a way of yelling at other people to get you out. While you are there, you have to ask for help because if you don’t, you will end up in a black hole and it will be difficult to get out. When you are down and have no self esteem or will to live, you should shout for help and let yourself be helped. The best medicine is lakh pampers. My parents, my brothers and sisters have died and I am going through terrible times, but when I fell into that laziness it was out of love, despair and loneliness. It is the worst disease that scares me. Atrocities are done for love, one has to commit suicide by killing himself. Love is the most beautiful, but the most terrible. You have to be careful because that’s what drives me to live and not feel hopeless.
Is it hard to accept bisexuality in this country?
Too many. Coming out of the closet is accepted. But, when it’s not just coming out of the closet, but saying that you like fish and meat, they think you’re addicted. There is no politician or footballer who says she is bisexual yet. I think it is the most beautiful balance a person can have. I don’t like all men or all women. I am the father of three children and I have loved Malena more than anyone else in the world for 25 years. But I have fallen in love with a man and I have been in love with him for 10 years.
And now, are you with a man or a woman?
With a handsome man, but I can’t say much more. I encourage people to fall in love after 50. This is when love is best experienced with patience and maturity. Keeping the blanks with devotion but without those silly attacks. A crap can last two seconds, but it can also last a whole day, which you can’t get at 20.
a whole day? Well you’re fit!
[Re] With their pause and that they caress you with their eyes. Before kissing with the lips, first do it with the eyes.
In your life, which has been the most important moment?
When I forgot I was Antonio Canales and I went to the beach with my boyfriend to suckle him. I felt no one was following me now. Petty was the one who prepared and sold everything to me. I’m not going to take my boyfriend to scratch his back at a nudist and gay beach in Sitges. I didn’t realize it and thought they had already forgotten about me. I have that moment like a thorn and I do not forgive myself. All to win 12,000 euros. If he had asked me, I would have given it to him.
did you look him in the face again?
never. I didn’t even want to see it. it was very hard. He had planned all this. Spain has forgiven me for that tragedy and once again filled me with affection. “Never mind man. Who hasn’t sucked her boyfriend’s bangles?” At that time I wanted to die, but now it makes me laugh a little. As my father used to say: “Suck whoever you want, but don’t let the whole of Spain see you.”
You think that politics, more than a help, is a disease.
Politicians have reached a time when instead of working to do good, they devote themselves to mistreating and humiliating each other. I once went to the Senate representing the whole dance and there came a time when they started arguing between the two and I’m not going to say who they were…
what were they doing? He is public.
It was PP with PSOE who started arguing and forgot about me. we will see. I went with a huge vademakam and argued for quoting the dancers regardless of their problems because we need a special regime. They waste time without solving problems like electricity or immigration, which leads to a lot of problems.
Do many immigrants come?
Here anyone enters and roams freely. When I move to Japan and other non-EU countries, I have to make a work contract and when I’m finished, they put me on the fucking street. not here. If you come to work, you are welcome, but if your contract expires, you go back to your home country. Why do we have to be a host country? I’m half gypsy and may be the last racist, but not so stupid. Who invents the laws that someone can stay here to stay because they want to? One is the free movement of the European Union and the other is that of African countries or where they come from, because if they come they have to bring a contract of work. Why do we want people to stand here? In my town square, there are 20,000 immigrants. I will not call their caste, but they stand on their feet all day.
They will accuse you of being racist and xenophobic.
Not me. But when you go to a country you have to come to work. Where is your employment contract? Why don’t you go to the police asking for their DNI? And if they don’t have a job, they should be thrown out of their country. Who allows you to live in my country without work? So that we have to give them the help that is ours and our children have more complex tasks. I am not allowed in other countries.
How is your lawsuit with the Andalusian government for not choosing you as director of the flamenco ballet?
In the end, we didn’t want to go to court. I don’t want to get sued. Then the king gave me the Lalit Kala Padak award and the chairman of the board also apologized as it was not fair. I used to dislike him so much, but I don’t know what not to love.
Will you introduce yourself again?
not anymore. I now live very happily in the countryside with my partner and my cows, my chickens, my horses. I choose the work that I enjoy doing. And what I have earned on television, I have not earned in 10 years directing the National Ballet. This has been the reward of my career. Now I do what I really want. That’s not what I expected.
Andalusian board is drafting a flamenco law, what do you think?
It makes me very sad because flamenco is a World Heritage Site, but neither the Andalusian government nor the Ministry of Culture take it seriously here. They are not experts in this matter. There is a lot of ignorance. We must have a national flamenco ballet, a flamenco museum, and a library… If the French or the Americans had flamenco, they would sell flamenco hamburgers.
El Neo de Elche complains that Andalusian PSOE is what determines what flamenco Marca Espa
He is a phenomenal person, I have been too. Maybe we are not politically correct. What happens when someone comes on tour is that ignorance and cronyism mean that the face we give is not real. What they do has nothing to do with the Spain brand but the Friend brand. So, both El Neo de Elche and many flamenco remain oziplitic.
Loquillo defines a rock star by the number of enemies he has. How many do you have?
How many friends now i’m the same celebrity And I have 60,000 followers who cheer me on the network. But I have 60,000 others who don’t like me. The more enemies you have, the more likely it will be for a reason.

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