Antonio Guterres: “Renewable Energy is the Peace Plan for the 21st Century”


The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, assured that the “energy mix has been broken” by the effects of the war in Ukraine: “If we had invested more in renewable energy in the past, we would not be like this now”.

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  • energy. Renewable energy already generates about 50% of electricity… but electricity is still at record prices
  • supply. Can Russia suddenly cut gas supplies to the entire EU as it has done to Poland and Bulgaria?

“Renewable is the peace plan for the 21st century”, warns UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, in an intervention on Tuesday ahead of the world summit in Austria. ,If we had invested more in renewable energy in the past, we would not be in the position we are at nowExposure to the volatility of fossil fuel markets”.

“The war escalating energy crisis in Ukraine has seen an alarming reaffirmation of commitments to gas and oil in major economies,” Guterres warned. “War has reinforced an unfortunate lesson: our energy mix is ​​broken,

The UN Secretary-General’s speech coincides with the publication of a devastating report by Finland’s Center for Research in Energy and Clean Air (CREA), which estimates that Russia earned more than 90,000 million euros in the first 100 days of the war For oil and gas sales, with the European Union as the main customer and destination of 61% of exports.

Moscow’s partial ban on oil imports will not take effect until the second half of the year, while Europe likely to depend on Russian gas next winter, China imports with 13,000 million euros, followed by Germany with 12,000 million and Italy with 8,000 million.

“Many governments are dragging their feet,” Antonio Guterres warned in his speech in Austria. “Continuing to invest in the exploration and exploitation of fossil fuels is a false delusion. It will condemn the world to more war, more pollution and more climate change. We are witnessing a historic and dangerous disconnect: science and citizens seeking ambitious changes do, but We are facing political inaction and this will have huge consequences,

“The window to prevent the worst climate impacts is closing rapidly,” Guterres said. ,Our planet has already warmed by about 1.2 degrees, To maintain the 1.5 degree target, we need to reduce emissions by 45% in 2030 and reach zero emissions in 2050. But with current commitments they will continue to grow at 14% this decade. Last year, emissions from electricity generation increased by 6% when they should have fallen.”

The Secretary-General of the United Nations “emphasized the need”destroying coal infrastructure“In a decade in industrialized countries and in 2040 in developing countries. Guterres appeals desperately to investors Shut the tap on fossil fuels and give renewable energy a new impetus,

“Gas and oil prices have reached historic records, while the cost of solar power has dropped by 85% and the cost of wind power by 55% in a decade”, insisted Guterres, who has led the relaunch of renewables. outlined its five-point plan for energy…

“First, get The technology has been declared of public interest And that intellectual property barrier disappears. another, Improving global access to supply chains, third, remove bureaucracy And to accelerate the development of large projects. Fourth, shift fossil fuel subsidies clean energy and address the potential consequences for the most vulnerable segments of the population. and fifth, Triple investment in renewable energy,

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