Applause and Spanish flags on arrival of Don Juan Carlos in Sancánxo: “We have never seen anything like this, the interest is very high”


Dozens of neighbors joined hundreds of media professionals who waited for hours at the door of their friend Pedro Campos’ house.

Flags to welcome Don Juan Carlos upon his arrival at Sanxenxo.
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There was thunderous applause and waving of Spanish flags. so i got Saxenxo To King Emeritus this Thursday afternoon. Dozens of neighbors joined the hundred media professionals who waited for hours at the door of their friend Pedro Campos’ home, where he was staying during his stay, in a gesture with which they wanted to show their affection for the emperor. Were and encouraged, likewise, by the curiosity of the long-awaited moment, and by the expectation of the media, unprecedented in the municipality. “We’ve never seen anything like this, the interest is enormous”, explain the residents of the area in relation to the interest generated by this first stop of the emperor in Spain.

As a tourist city accustomed to multiplying its population each summer, receiving sailors from all over the world to its seafaring events and welcoming officials and personalities of great launch, they thought they had succumbed to media pressure. Have seen all this in context already, but these days they confess that hundred of media have visited the municipality on the occasion of the visit of King Emeritus, hotel beds are scarce and sometimes telephones due to high demand for data. There is also the problem of coverage.

Life in the municipality remains the same, except at two points where the media is concentrated, in front of the house. Nanno The estate of Pedro Campos in which the emperor is staying and its surroundings real club nutico and Marina who bears his name, Juan Carlos I. Here, apart from this, the movement of sailors and sailing enthusiasts has increased. In Nan it was possible to see neighbors with their flags climbing up the walls, eager to stand and cheer on their arrival.

And in the midst of so much eagerness, the “maximum” feeling of having him again. They were used to seeing him at least once a month before the pandemic, but the trip is not only the first in two years, but also has the added bonus of being the first stop on his return to Spain.

The sentiments have been shared by the emperor himself, as revealed by his friend Pedro Campos, the host in the house where he was during his stay in Galicia and the president of Real Club Natico de Sancánxo since 1999. He was able to speak with them on Wednesday. and told him that he wanted to return “a lot”. He is “very excited to return to Spain,” he says, and to meet again with the crew of Rogue, the ship he usually sails on and will likely do so later this week and “Sanxenxo and to the sea” will return.

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They are “happy” in this tourist village. Campos admits he is “a little overwhelmed” by that expectation, but believes it’s a “normal” reaction and “there are more good things in it than bad.” They also emphasize that, for them, it is “a normal regatta that has come up so often and with some rivals that it is a bit longer”, as it is the last trophy before the World Championships which will take place in June. Hogi and of which Brin was the champion in his last edition in 2019. Juan Carlos I is also expected to arrive in June, albeit with a slightly different journey, two weeks.

There are also growing hopes of seeing her in Sanxenxo over the weekend. In addition to nautical partners and sailors who will be able to meet them during the Interras Trophy regatta of the 6mR Class 2022 Spanish Cup circuit in which the Monarchs participated, the population maintains the illusion that they have a social agenda and that they can see you. Huh. As he remembers from Town Hall and Neutico, he is a “very dear” person in town.

The question of whether or not to participate in the regatta is still up in the air, as “he hasn’t been there for three years and although he says he is in pretty good physical shape, it will depend a bit on what the day is like tomorrow,” Nautico Remembers the President. The final decision itself will be taken just before the regatta and will basically depend on the wind that makes up the race. Pontevedra’s Ra during the three-day competition

You can also socialize with your friends during your stay. At the moment, he doesn’t have a closed agenda beyond nautico and regattas, but social outings can happen, as “he has a lot of energy and he still feels like it”.

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