Apple expects the presentation of its VR glasses with the registration of Reality OS


The reason for moving forward is to avoid leaks

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with the registry of the operating system RealityOS At the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Apple expects the next launch of devices that will work with the said system, its virtual reality glasses (RV).

consumer product consultant Parker Ortolani, Work for specific media such as The Verge and Polygon, via his Twitter profile, has recently reported the discovery of a registered trademark as RealityOS, a new operating system developed by Apple for its VR glasses. could.

In the registry screenshot shared by the consultant, it can be seen that the brand covers various categories, such as ‘hardware‘Laptop Key,’software‘ either peripherals,

Similarly, the advisory recalled that both patents were originally filed on December 8, 2021, just two months before the launch of RealityOS in Apple’s source code.

In these images you can also see that the time limit Patent filing is next June 8Which will coincide with the development of WWDC two days after its start.

“Apple typically files trademarks for products announced at WWDC a day or two after the keynote. That would be a great coincidence,” Ortolani said.

Ortolani, on the other hand, has emphasized that both patents are the only ones that belong to the company Realityo Systems LLC. According to 9to5mac, to avoid launch leaks, the US manufacturer often creates companies with other names to register their patents and maintain anonymity.

Some examples showing this are Yosemite Research LLC, a fictional brand used by Apple to register macOS a few days before WWDC 2021, where it introduced the 12th version of its operating system, macOS Monterey was.

As such, the fact that the brand has only two products registered indicates that it may have carried out the same strategy to avoid publications prior to the official presentation.

Finally, the consultant has found another coincidence in the registration of the RealityOS trademark which will prove that it will be the operating system for the company’s new ‘hardware’.

“The USPTO also indicates that the applicant has not submitted any evidence of use on any of the sites,” wrote this particular advisory to close the thread of tweets.

Mixed Reality Viewer, in advanced stage

In addition to these VR glasses that may be presented within the framework of WWDC 2022, Apple is working on a mixed reality viewer that is in an advanced stage, as Bloomberg reported a few days ago.

Sources close to the technology company told this Medium that, in recent weeks, Apple has accelerated development of the operating system for the RV with which the device will work, rOS.

In theory, the launch of this ‘hardware’ will happen either later this year or in 2023, despite the fact that the company aimed to make it known at this meeting with the developers.

However, an analyst specializing in Apple Ming Chi-kuo has further explained via his Twitter account that it is unlikely the technology maker will choose to launch the said spectator as well as “the rumored reality this year”.

“I’m sure that if Apple announces its operating system and audience to the audience at WWDC, competing companies will immediately start fake projects and freely try to get Apple’s great ideas into stores before Apple launches in 2023. I will copy it,” he insisted. ,

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