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After two years of virtual events due to the pandemic, Apple has opened the doors of its new campus in Cupertino, El Apple Park, To celebrate our annual developer conference, WWDC.

It is an event that attracts thousands of developers around the world every year to learn about some new features of the next versions of the operating system that bring life to life. iPhone, iPad and Mac And that on occasions it has also served to showcase some new hardware products.

And although the event has been a bit more intimate this year due to security measures, the philosophy hasn’t changed. In the opening speech, the company showed off new services and functions that are due to arrive in the fall. iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS, But new Mac computers too, though he didn’t push ahead with plans for his virtual and augmented reality business, as had been rumored in recent weeks.

What’s new in iOS and macOS

The heroes of the convention, as in other years, have been new versions of operating systems Which controls the company’s devices, iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, and macOS.

These versions will reach consumers in the fall, along with new versions of the iPhone and iPad and newer Macs, as well as bringing significant new features, productivity, security, and services.

ios 16 operating system, For example, bring New fully configurable lock screen, With small interactive icons that show the progress of the fitness app’s activity circles, for example, or the calendar’s next appointments.

“iOS 16 is a great update, with new features that will change the way we use the iPhone,” explains Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering. These new personalized lock screen designs can also be linked to different phone modes, for example displaying different elements during working hours or on weekends.

Apple has introduced a child-safe device and a . New options are also included to set photo library sharing Allowing vacation photos, for example, to be available to everyone, regardless of the device they were taken, among all family members.

Some features may not be available in all regions. Apple, for example, throws in America For doing this apple pay later, A service that allows you to buy in installments in four installments without interest and allows you to turn any iPhone into a point-of-sale terminal capable of accepting payments.

carplay, The one that extends the iOS system to the car will also undergo a deep upgrade. Starting next year, some automakers will start integrating this new version, which allows you to modify and Customize the graphic elements of the dashboard, Controls various elements of the vehicle including the speedometer, as well as with voice.

For the iPad, the new operating system will bring significant innovations for working with multiple applications at the same time, creating a work environment similar to that of the Mac. resizable windows And better way to jump between different active applications.

The company’s tablets will play better with external monitors as well, so you can take full advantage of the available resolution and display more applications at the same time.

On Mac, Apple will take advantage of the new version of the operating system to start implementing passkey, A solution was agreed upon by big tech companies to eliminate passwords on websites and replace them with unique encrypted keys.

Computers will eventually be able to use a nearby iPhone’s camera to conduct video conferences. In messaging app You can edit already sent messages (or delete them), a function that will also come to iOS. Finally, the new version of the operating system, which will be known as Ventura, will also include improvements for the games.

a new macbook air

There was time for hardware too, with two important innovations. The first is the company’s new generation processors, m2, Which will offer more power and better performance than the current M1. They are made with the same process M1 to 5 nanometers, but with some modifications they reach a 18% ms gross computing power and a 25% ms of graphic display.

The second is the first Mac to use this new processor, which will be new Macbook Air. It’s a complete redesign of Apple’s best-selling laptop, the iconic Air, which loses the wedge-shaped design and integrates a screen with a notch for the camera, like most recently. Macbook Pro.

It is a machine with significant innovations, such as the return of the magnetic connector. magsafe along with two USB-C ports, a better webcam, 4 speakers and a brighter screen, but it retains the fingerprint reader and 11.3-inch thickness.

The computer has autonomy of 18 hours of video playback and fast charging option. It’s 40% more powerful than the previous version for certain tasks like video editing, according to the company, and is available in four colors. It will go on sale next month for a price starting from EUR 1,519.

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