Aragon demands that Sanchez find out who ordered his spying and claims that he “remains a threat”.


Generalitat’s president Pegasus does not consider the crisis resolved: he calls for “political” victims, declassified wiretaps and the government guarantees that it will not be controlled again.

President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragon
President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragon.EFE

Peter Aragons Pegasus, settled after the resignation of the Director of CNI, does not consider the crisis. The president of the Generalitat has demanded Pedro Sanchez Know who ordered the spying and claimed political responsibilities. Without naming the Defense Minister, Margaret OxoERC continues to covet his head.

After learning from EL Mundo that the government learned through the CNI in 2019 that it was spying on Aragon to coordinate the CDR, the head of the Catalan executive considered his honor damaged and declassified the magistrate’s proposals from Sanchez. urged to do Which made that the CNI decided to spy on some of us. Anyone who thinks that the responsibilities end with the dismissal of the Director of CNI, is wrong, insisted. President During the control session held in Parliament this Wednesday.

In addition to trying to cut a piece of the big game after the departure of peace stephen, Aragon demands a guarantee of non-recurrence from Sanchez. In other words, it asks the government not to control its separatist activities in future and does so by claiming to keep in force its plans to question national territorial integrity. If protecting the right to self-determination was a threat to some of us in 2019, it means that as we continue to defend self-determination today, according to his thesis, we remain a threat and so we must continue Are there any violations of our privacy, argued the president of Generalitat.

It should be remembered that the government approved a proposal two weeks ago that required the government to reform the 1968 Official Secrets Act – which the executive had already planned to amend – the regulation of the National Center for Intelligence, It also affects the organization, operation and control. That is, legal reform allows CNIs to be handcuffed.

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