Aragon Employment Institute general director arrested for alleged harassment of his ex-colleague


The PP demands that Lamban remove him from his position because “he cannot last a minute as head of a public body”.

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Ramon Cameron, director of the Aragon Employment Institute.EM
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Members of the family and women’s unit of the National Police Headquarters in Aragon have arrested the director of the Aragon Employment Institute (Enem), Ral Cameron Bagest, as an alleged perpetrator of the crime of harassment in the family.

As known this Thursday, the arrest took place last Tuesday, May 17 at his workplace, following a complaint about an alleged offense of sexual violence, lasting six months for alleged harassment in which he was your former partner .

Especially because of ending their relationship on 17th November 2021 after spending a year and a half together. A “sustained” attitude that started from 5 December to the last 15 May presented a complaint to the Civil Guard post in the Madrid city of Bodilla del Monte.

As published this Thursday newspaper of aragonThe complainant submitted a series of communications to the Civil Guard by telephone, by email or on social networks to demonstrate the alleged harassment, as well as that her alleged attacker disregarded her victim’s constant requests to stop her attitude Of.

The victim told the police station that she contacted her assailant’s sister, that she had to deactivate the duplicate of her phone’s SIM card which was made without her consent, that when she was blocked on the network, she demanded That he should unblock it because otherwise “I wasn’t going to close the cordon.”

He also spoke to his mother, who asked him not to file a complaint as his son was a politician and that would end his career. But in the end she decided to do so because, as she explained, she found out that a false account had been created in her name with images of her in a swimsuit and used it to motivate herself.

In addition, he received a message from this account on his personal account and it contained a picture of Tar with a threatening message that said “I will kill him, be careful, go after him for being an asshole.” “, referring to the man he was dating. Share the relationship in the present.

On the same day of his arrest, he was handed over to the Court for Violence Against Women, as reported by the National Police Headquarters in Aragon.

After taking her statement, the judge on duty ordered her release, but imposed a restraining order that prevents her from reaching her as well as her work and home within 500 meters.

Likewise, it prevents him from communicating with him in any way during the processing of the proceedings and till the final resolution is reached.

Cameron was at a meeting on proactive employment policies in Madrid this Thursday and, as news of his arrest spread, he began returning to Zaragoza to meet with the economy minister, Marta Gaston, to whom he reports from Hierarchy.

The counselor has indicated: “What is appropriate is to hold a meeting more than a telephone conversation to communicate something that, obviously, would be communicated publicly and I want to tell you in person”.

After hearing the news, the Aragon PP has requested his immediate dismissal due to “grave information” appearing in the media.

loss popular They demand the president of Aragon, the socialist Javier Lambon, to remove him from his post, because, they believe, “he cannot stay a minute at the head of a public body.”

career path

Ral Cameron, born in Huesca in 1978, was appointed CEO of Enem by the Lambon Governing Council in October 2019.

Degree in Political Science and Administration from University of the Basque Country, specializing in International Relations.

He completed his studies with a community law course by the Royal and Illustrious Bar Association of Zaragoza.

From 2003 to 2014, he served as technical adviser to the European Parliament at various periods, except in 2008 and 2011, when he was appointed advisor to the Secretary of State for Planning and Infrastructure, Ministry of Public Works.

Between 2015 and 2019 he has served as the coordinator of the Presidency Cabinet of the Huesca Provincial Council, its chief representative at the Aragonese Observatory of Demography and Population Dynamics.

His professional career has been intertwined with European institutions as well as social agents, both at the state and European levels, with a particular emphasis on matters of interest to the Autonomous Community of Aragon.

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