Aragon technicians gave their approval for the delivery of the 2030 Winter Games with almost no debate


This is reflected in the recordings of the six meetings held. The biggest inconvenience Catalonia caused was because of the snow but in the end I accepted. COE transmits to Catalonia that if it wants its project, it should be for 2034

Lamban and Blanco at an event in Zaragoza.Xavier OnionWorld

“We understand that this option may be more than acceptable (…) Argan expresses the position we are working on, as I have just publicly defended.” this is how he answers jose angel ironAragon’s coach, when asked about his situation Alexander White, President of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), at the sixth and last technical meeting of the bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics, to be held in the Aragonese Community and the territories of Catalonia, conducted electronically, and which ends with a vote Regarding the approved distribution. Not long ago, one of the technicians hired by the Aragonese community, Charles Lancerefers to the small conflict that arose from the agreement between them: “The technical issue was discussed for five minutes.”

The sixth and last meeting was held on 22 March and was recorded by the CoE like all others. Although its contents have not been broadcast, EL Mundo has access to certain statements that were made and which contradict statements made by the President of Aragon, Xavier Lambani, in the sense that their community’s technicians were neglected. Some of them have later referred to disagreements, which were said to be, at least, of those meetings, of which this newspaper is able to know according to the recordings.

In fact, at this last and sixth meeting, the only representative of Catalonia to speak against the terms of the agreement, alex villatoroDue to the distribution of ice tests. Laura VillagraThe Minister of the Presidency of the Generalitat refused via a telephone call after that previous meeting, in which the government’s representative, among others, also spoke in favor, Victor Franco, The result was nine votes in favor and three against, although not from Aragon’s representatives. In this way, the Aragonese community was left with 54 trials for Catalonia, 42.

“We want cross-country skiing and biathlon”

According to Lamban, the element that was unacceptable in the agreement was that alpine skiing was based in Catalonia, as he understood that it was he who had the greatest role. When this distribution was to begin, at the first technical meeting, on December 21, 2021, Blanco invited representatives of the communities to make their proposals. Lance stated in that appointment that Aragon would remain with “cross-country skiing and biathlon, pillars for us”. No one protested and the first meeting was called off, again with Blanco indicating that work would begin with two blocks, “cross-country skiing and biathlon in Aragon, and alpine and ‘snow’ in Catalonia”. Mountain skiing was pending. According to what was recorded in the video, everyone agreed, in that first appointment, this time in person, in which not only the coaches of Aragon and Catalonia were present, but also government representatives such as Albert Soler, Director of Sports of the CSD were also present. , Mara Jose Rienda Victor Franco, besides May PeusPresident of the Spanish Federation of Winter Sports.

Breaking the agreements they reached, led by Lamban, realizing it was offensive to their community, led the project, which was supported by the government. Pedro Sanchez, for pause. Only a reform from the President of Aragon, who has sought help from Sánchez without a response, despite being from the same party, could save him in the extreme, as the COE had to twice postpone the International Olympic Committee’s visit to the Commission. Is kept. Otherwise the adventure will stop at the beginning of next week. The Aragonese community itself has several mayors, businessmen and leaders of communications groups who have pressured Lambon to back down, but this clashes with the electoral advantage of opposing a generalitat with a sovereignty profile.

Catalonia has officially expressed its desire to continue alone, but the CoE has not supported a separate project for 2030, which is not a joint project. If the Generalitat wants to continue alone, it must be for 2034, and that is how the government will inform it. to the Government of the President of the CoE, who should submit it to the IOC pere aragon,

according to the norms of

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