Arancha, actor Luis Lorenzo’s companion in the Dungeon: “If I had known this, I would have cremated my aunt”

  • planning Luis Lorenzo’s wife insists that “he has not touched the inheritance” nor has he used money from his deceased aunt.
  • planning Actor Luis Lorenzo and his accomplice arrested for murdering their aunt with poison to save heritage

Arantxa Palomino, 46, the wife of Luis Lorenzo, and his 86-year-old aunt Isabel, accused of the alleged toxic murders, said in the Civil Guard dungeons after their arrests last week. If I had known all this “I would have cremated my aunt, According to the summary of the case. “That way no one found out and nothing would have happened, that I’m not an asshole, I only fulfilled her last wish, which was to bury her in the city with her husband,” Arantsa attempted in an autolytic attempt. In the center of the custody of the Madrid Civil Guard command, according to the testimony of agents told after agents.

The actor’s wife and she are being investigated by a judge in Arganda del Rey for the alleged murder of an aunt at the request of a complaint from the brother of the deceased. Potential poisoning with heavy metals to perpetuate their heritage. The couple is on provisional release with precautionary measures as they have a young son and there is no flight risk.

The synopsis of the case includes several statements from relatives and friends of the deceased which leaves Arancha in a bad place.

One of the deceased woman’s sister-in-law, Consuelo Fernandez, assures, according to the summary, that Arancha has 72% schizophrenia and that she and the actor met on a television program. “I don’t know what they do, they shouldn’t work too much,” says sister-in-law, who assures that Arancha does not talk to her father And his mother had died long ago.

The same relative also pointed out that Arancha “had lawsuits with her ex-partner over the issue of common child custody and had not allowed her former partner’s son to see her for three years.” The summary also states that the deceased elderly woman had no dementia and was in perfect condition when her niece and her partner took her from Asturias to Madrid for the first time in August 2020. “She had a slight deafness and her hand was trembling, but her head was fine,” says her sister-in-law, who assures that Isabel was forcibly taken to Madrid. “Isabel had no intention of going to Madrid,” her sister-in-law tells the Civil Guard. “Isabelle didn’t want to see her niece. In fact, when they came to Asturias for one of Arancha’s trials, he didn’t let them pass and they had to sleep in the car.”

Sister-in-law assured that Isabel spent some time in Madrid and decided to return to Asturias. “When she came back from Madrid she said she didn’t want to go back anymore. She was already very sick and half upset. She was afraid of Arancha and Luis Alfonso and they would rob her. When she got home she went to her Only a jacket and hardly anything down. She came back with a prescribed drug which was immediately withdrawn to Asturias”.

In March 2021, Arancha and Luis Alfonso again take their aunt to Madrid on the pretext that the octogenarian was to take care of the couple’s youngest son. “The problem is that Isabel was very sorry for Arancha and didn’t know how to say no,” Lorena, the deceased’s niece, tells the Civil Guard. ,Isabelle didn’t like Louis very much because of the things she saw, Isabel raised eyebrows while talking about Louis,” another close friend of the deceased told the Civil Guard, which indicated that Arancha’s life was “in chaos.”

Another friend of Isabel in Asturias said that the deceased said that “she had a problem with her niece Arancha, which included telling her that her mother was missing, that she felt sorry for him and that he would go on to help her.” went to Madrid, but that Isabel did not like going to Madrid and did not like Arancha’s husband”.

He also said that the couple would hide their clothes so that they could not return to Asturias. Isabel last left Asturias in March 2021. After that trip to Madrid Isabel begins to deteriorate and the alleged abuse By his niece until his death in June 2021.

justification of arancha

In an intervention in ‘Telecinco’ collected by Europa Press, the investigation has insisted that her aunt was not poisoned and did not use her money. “I haven’t touched his legacy”, have reviewed

The investigation seeks to clarify that there is a medical certificate proving that her aunt was in full force when she went to a notary on May 21, 2021 to sign a power of attorney, a document that summarizes does not appear in investigative proceedings.

The woman explained that Power of attorney was created because he wanted to know how much money to give to his relative to cover his expenses And she can’t know her balance unless authorized by the bank to tell her.

“I have not used that money,” insisted the investigation, which maintains that it did not know the balance of the accounts until the day of death, June 28, 2021. Regarding inheritance, he explained that there will be the same beneficiaries as compared to the previous .

Faced with this, the summary reveals that that day and the next he transferred up to 11,700 euros, some of the expenses for the woman’s funeral, which a company took over. In all, the proceedings showed that of the 60,000 euros in the accounts, 22,000 euros were allegedly transferred in favor of the niece, of which various amounts were earmarked for medical expenses.

In addition, 127,000 euros were found on the sofa in the couple’s room during a search of their home in Rivas by Civil Guard agents. Arancha explained that The money that the civil guard found in the home registry belonged to her husband, who has 30 years of experience as an actor. And that he had decided to keep her in his house.

“There is no economic motive. The situation is being clarified but the media damage is irreparable. I have nothing to hide. My family is destroyed and my children are labeled,” he lamented. expressed.

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