Arrested for threatening to kill daughter-in-law and grandchildren in a spiritual ritual in a chamber flat


Two minors sought help from a window that overlooked an inner courtyard of a neighboring community

The altar held by the detained woman
The altar on which the arrested woman had stood on the table.national police

National police have arrested a 48-year-old Venezuelan woman on charges of threatening to kill and attempting to attack her daughter-in-law and her two grandchildren, aged 10 and 12. A spiritual ritual with photographs of his deceased relatives at his home in the Madrid district of the Chamber, The woman is accused of alleged offenses of abuse and serious threats in the family.

The incidents date back to last Monday when 091 received warning notices from several neighbors of two minors who were seeking help Through the window of an inner courtyard of a community in the capital.

Upon arrival The officers heard the call for help And, seeing the owner’s refusal to open the door of the house from which they had come, they had to force the front door.

Inside the home, a 48-year-old Venezuelan woman performing a spiritual and magical ritual with a picture of a dead family in front of an altar, Bowls with animal horns and other exotic elements and plants.

Her two grandchildren and her daughter-in-law, who are also Venezuelans, were hiding in a bedroom when their relative threatened to kill them and tried to attack them.

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