Arrested in Malaga for harassing and cheating on his parents with the help of his wife


Arrested people made anonymous calls to warn of false episodes of abuse at home of affected people

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  • planning 32 people of a drug smuggling money-laundering organization arrested in Cadizu

a person has been arrested civil guard Nearly 70-year-old, also allegedly emulating, for harassing and deceiving his parents abuse episode Families whose home agents visit are warned of false calls gender violence,

arrested in investigation wife of probation both as alleged perpetrators of harassment, exemplary crimes, scamsGrabbing of marital status, public disorder and annoyanceAs reported by the Civil Guard.

loss Arrested Called anonymously to alert various emergency services false cases of abuse at the homes of the affected people.

Investigation It started in 2021 following a complaint filed by a couple who claimed being harassed Various emergency services are informed through anonymous calls by unknown persons that gender violence at your home.

After investigation, agents confirmed that at least ten chances Donations from security forces and bodies had arrived at the couple’s home after false call For gender-based violence in the family home.

on contact pages

Along with this, this marriage of about 70 years old has been called a persistent harassing calls and messages of an obscene nature, as their telephone numbers have been included in different contact page,

they also suffered get away from your mobile lines fraudulently as well as contracting many unwanted telephone lines and ADSL installation attempt at your home.

Also, last November, efforts were made to donate to various organizations and institutions of high amount of moneyThe largest of which was €120,000, which was never made by the complainants and may have been detected and paralyzed To protect the affected people from serious economic loss.

research has determined that Call They were probably executed by one of his children and his wife and have been confiscated during the search. Five Mavils TelfonosA laptop, a large number of SIM cards and several incriminating documents.

judicial authority It has decided at liberty at the expense of those examined and has taken precautionary measures to remove.

according to the norms of

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