Artem, Mosha and Oleg: from the ring to the front, the boxing heroes of Ukraine die in battle


Ukraine mourns the athletes who lost their lives in the war. Mosha fell at the Azovstal Steel Plant. Oleg, the champion of super light weight aircraft, was in the special forces

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From left to right: Oleg Prudki, the representative of Ukraine in the World Series of Boxing; Artem Mosha, national boxing champion; Oleksiy Yanin, former Muay Thai World Champion.
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The last match was to be held on March 12. “Boxing Show” at Freedom Hall, 5:00 pm, Admission: 15 euros, But that evening, on the seventeenth day war in ukraineNo one appeared, not even the gatekeeper who was supposed to open the ornos spartabox He didn’t even open the gym for warm-ups. Changing room, empty. Wire, motionless. Electronic scoreboard off. Seats, deserted. All the boxers had gone forward.

“It’s time to show how fighter we are,” he said on television. Boxing Brothers Vitaly and Volodymyr Klitschko, one mayor of Kyiv and the other his motivator, and the bell was heard aloud: gloves out, champions and dustbins, all the way to the trenches. Didn’t have time to set their destination: Some returned from abroad and left behind million-dollar contracts, with others listed Battle Azovi And some were already part of the police. The only important thing was to go out there and hit the Russians as hard as possible, and move around like a butterfly and sting like a wasp, according to the teachings of Cassius Clay,

“Our athletes have set a great example,” he gets excited. serhi tishchenkoA Life as a Ringside Trainer, President of Now Ukrainian Boxing Federation: “Till now we were proud of them. Now they are our heavenly heroes.”

“On his first day off, he covered 10 km to get on the train”

We know the heroes are all young and beautiful, we must suck their hearts while they beat. and also to tell their stories during the war: is the last Oleg Prudki30 years old, two-time Super Lightweight National Champion, carried with 63 kg of courage Cherkasy And last Sunday, the K Special Forces flew with three fellow soldiers Once,

He had already gone to fight before the invasion and for once he, who had never been a star, had become an example to the greats. Oleksandr Usik, his friend, world champion and Olympic gold medalist: Alexander heard of Oleg and, on the day of the invasion, without a moment’s thought, he left his London super penthouse and a stellar one to imitate and recruit him. Abandoned the engagement. “A great pain,” Usik posts from the front, mourning his friend. “War brings the best,” writes Prudki’s wife, maryashaIn his farewell, “You have been an example to your two little daughters who love you and keep asking me when Dad is back.”

“I remember when Oleg put on his uniform and went to Cherkasy,” exclaims Tishchenko, former coach, “he asked me how he could train. And he did. He cycled ten kilometers on his first day to the gym. As soon as he came back from the front he put on his gloves and won. It was unbelievable.”

target and round, corners and hooks, there are few things Ukrainians love more than football and hitting. But while there are few football players in his army, the boxers are the generals. Few details are known about how he died. Mosha Artem protesting with on May 8 Battle Azovi in the basement of the sidewalk Mariupol,

Champion in the Rings of Kyiv, Mosha was known to have a certain Nazi sympathies and material cult., it was his mother Irinawho published a short post in the memory of On Facebook, with screenshots of the final messages between mother and son: “The whole world is praying for you” as she tells him, he replies: “I’m sorry”.

the dream of victory that seems impossible

Very little is known about mykhailo popovywho trained in the same gym KyivI knew Mosha well, but he was a champion Greco-Roman battle, born in donbsreturned to fight in an infantry unit since 2014, and then said goodbye and joined Azov: they also killed him there, under azovastalDespite becoming a sniper, he says, with an unmistakable aim.

Every morning for three months, Ukrainians report the number of Russians killed: now, 29,600. Instead, less is known about how many Ukrainians have been killed: President Volodymyr Zelensky now believes there to be an average of 100 soldiers a day, and that is increasing.

Although oleksey yaninUkrainian Kickboxing Champion and Thai Boxing World Champion muay thaiAzov Inn on 7 April. fell with MariupolThe news came after a delay of one and a half months. tamarahis wife kept a special secret Nazariv, your son. Friends send him off with a sticker: two crossed gloves.

Needless to ask why so many boxers were killed in the war. boxing, he said Morgan Freeman of million dollar BabyThere is an art to making a dream come true that no one sees but you: dreaming of a victory that seemed impossible, and still seems to be.

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