‘As Bests’ makes Sorogoyan’s journey into the soul of a cinema as tense as it is illuminating


Director premieres his most ambitious, mature and even delightfully contradictory film at Cannes

Rodrigo Sorogoyan on the set of 'As Best's, Pelo
Rodrigo Sorogoyan on the set of ‘As Bests’, a film that has just been presented at Cannes.World

What Heraclitus said about the identity of the opponents is probably in ‘Animal’, a film by Rodrigo Sorogoyan Presented in nonsensical section at Cannes on Thursday cannes premiere, His most unexpected performance. It is an essentially happy film in its own right. it is ‘Thriller‘Psychological, but also cool drama. This is a French production, but Spanish (and more Spanish). It is a film of revenge, but also of hope. It is a difficult rural tragedy from deep Spain, but without sacrificing the enlightened voice of what is appropriate, what is desirable, what is right, what is enlightened. All that is not there is a rustic elegy. If you will, its both adrenaline sorogoyan ‘God forgive us‘As grave and deep’madre, It is a coming-of-age film, which concludes a journey in its own way. He is pure Heraclitus. Maybe that’s why he’s in Cannes.

Too long in all sense and dimensions of the word, says the director with his lead author isabelle peas (in France it is Pea), who is troubled by this tendency to classify him as a “director”, without bothering him.thrill‘” That is, it bothered him. And so, when he considered making this film, he decided, he and she, to run away from himself. What used to happen in cities, he now had to do it. In rural areas, what used to talk about police and politicians is now farmers and farms. Peyton’s crime”, To pacify such a desire for novelty, says the director.

In that 2010 incident, Dutch Martin Verfondorn stubbornly in his indomitable desire to live at peace with nature and at war with his neighbours. He came from outside; His enemies do not. And so on till 19 January. The film is set in Galicia (although it was shot in Bierzo) for Antoine and Olga, whom they bring to life in a way that is more than accurate. Marina Fois and Denise Menoche. They practice ecological and responsible agriculture and even take time to restore homes abandoned due to re-population. The people who live there don’t share that much esoteric desire and what they want is to run away from the money they would get if they (unanimously) populated their pristine forest to generate energy from windmills . Guess who’s up against it. Another paradox of Heraclitus: He who does not pollute the environment pollutes the environment the most. therefore.

The whole tape is structured in two parts. And on that axis of equal opposites, the proverbial, risky and enlightened proposition ‘Animal’. The entire first segment of the film follows the tense and painful gallop that has already been proven in the classics ‘Stray Dogs’ O ‘Freedom, right job of Luis Zahera and Diego Anido it’s scary. The second half is something else. Fundamentally different and, again, similar. Now the film expands, contradicts itself and gets the right tone of a frank and disturbing look that is meant to defy the propensity of the audience.

The first breath of the film lives in thirst for revenge, while the second gives all its credit to the need of justice. If violence is the only pattern of behavior in the first place, then argue. “Nothing is provoked. A film is not meant to convey a message. But there is a contradiction between an argument that reacts toxic masculinity patterns, One of the patriarchy, and the other which I dare not call feminine, but only proper”, explains Matar. And she does it without shame.

If Sorogoyan had already given a good example of his ability to lock the gaze of spectators into an oppressive labyrinth of close to simple fear, now he manages to do just the opposite. ‘Animal’ as ‘turns nature into the setting for a classic tragedy’western,fordiano, And he does so by poisoning every gesture with the ultimate chance of redemption. There comes a moment at the end of the film where Betty is played by Mary Columbus He asks his mother, who is Marina Fois, for the account. What shall we say? Simply point out the strength, strength and truthfulness of each word. Some moments so innocent and bloody, so open and shadowy. opposite and equal. “Cold things get hot, hot gets cold, wet dries up, dry gets wet.” This was said by Heracles.

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