Asturias president blasts: “Enough of the attacks and humiliations”


The socialist called for an end to the “threats or attacks” after a Twitter user claimed he deserved to die soon.

Asturias President, Adria
Asturias President Adrian Barban.EFE

princely president, socialist Adrian Barban, has called for an end to “personal attacks, insults, threats or aggression” this Saturday, after a Twitter user confirmed that he deserved to die soon.

In a note on this social network, Barban showed “what turns into a political debate” with a screenshot where a Twitter user responded to his statements this Friday, where the president said that in addition to the birth lavian, He wishes that in the distant future also he should die in his native city.

“I hope your wishes come true soon. You deserve it,” said one Twitter user, whose comment Barban shared to point out that “some people turn political debates into: eg , the death wish of the President of Asturias.” ,

“So much personal attacks, insults, threats or aggression. Politics should be done with respect for the opponent. I do that. Respect for all,” he has sentenced.

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