At least 11 killed after a boat capsizes west of Puerto Rico


The Coast Guard indicated on their official Twitter account that they have so far managed to rescue 31 survivors, eleven women and twenty men.

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Images shared by the US Coast Guard of the rescue.EM

At least eleven people died with a boat this Thursday dozens of migrants On board west of Puerto Rico, according to the US Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard indicated on their official Twitter account that at the moment they have achieved 31 Save the survivors, Eleven women and twenty men.

vessel in doubt of transport illegal migrants from the Dominican Republic, It capsized about 10 nautical miles north of the Puerto Rican island of Desecheo.

The Coast Guard, along with Puerto Rico Marine units, has been conducting a major rescue operation in the area since this afternoon.

According to a previous statement from the Coast Guard, it was “a case of large-scale rescue of an uncertain number of people in the water.”

Coast Guard watchers received a communication at around 11:47 pm local time (3:47 a.m. GMT) informing that the crew of a Customs and Border Protection aircraft had struck an overturned boat with people in the water. Saw it, which seemed harmless.

many were sent to the area helicopter MH-60T, from Borinquen Air Station, and Coast Guard patrols from Joseph Tejanos.

Also supporting the work of the federal agencies are personnel from the United Forces for Rapid Action (FURA) marine units from the western municipalities of Aguadilla and Asco.

The maritime strip known as the Mona Canal, which separates the Dominican Republic from Puerto Rico, is a rivercommon residence And every week the boats are confiscated.

The Coast Guard announced today that 44 Dominicans deported To a Navy ship from that country after two ships trying to reach the west coast of Puerto Rico were illegally intercepted in the Mona Canal.

This is also the view of ships like today. Three days earlier, the Coast Guard reported that they had rescued a total of 68 people and that they had recovered the body of one of the dead after the boat sank.

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