At least 44 migrants killed in a shipwreck off the coast of Western Sahara


Survivors are held in Morocco

a boat
A marine rescue boat with migrants in a file imagealba phixaEFE
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least 44 person A boat with over fifty migrants drowned west sahara coastOn the route they usually follow the Canary Islands, as announced this Sunday by the NGO Camindo Fronteras.

The organization’s spokeswoman Helena Maleno said on her Twitter account, “Forty people have died in a shipwreck south of Cape Bojador this morning.”

NGOs know that at least 16 corpses have been pulled from the water and transferred to the morgue. “The rest of the victims were swallowed up by the sea,” lamented Maleno. The other twelve survivors have been detained in the application of Moroccan foreign law, indicated by the spokesman, who assured that his organization had “provided the authorities with the condition of the boat and calls for help, but Rescue took four fatal hours“. At the moment the Moroccan authorities do not rule out the shipwreck.

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